Push Latch

Effortless touch-opening system

Push Latch

Push latch enables effortless opening and closing of the furniture without handles. Designed to be used with standard hinges and drawers, it allows for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

  • Works with standard concealed hinges and drawers
  • Available with linear and cross mounting plate 
  • Depth adjustment feature
  • Rigid slide-on hinge-to-plate attachment
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Push latch can be easily mounted to a standard cabinet drilling pattern without additional drilling, simply by positioning it by the side panel edge. In case of accidental hits, the ‘Safety click’ feature prevents injury by an easy detachment of the mechanism from the mounting plate. The 12mm height of the body and mounting plate, enables side mounting in drawer cabinets. The adjustment button that compensates for the door gap between -1mm and +4.5mm provides reliable closing and consistent performance even in case of inaccurate drilling. The latch is non-handed, fits many cabinets, and acts as a universal solution for a wide range of furniture applications.

Model Name:                         Tekform Slimline Drawer
Usage:                                     High End Kitchen, Bathroom & Office  Furniture
Load Capacity:                       40 kg
Drawer Hieghts:                    70, 100, 145, 182mm
Rails:                                       Full extension
Glass Sides:                           8mm for 70, 145, 182mm drawer heights
Inner Drawer Fronts:            For 70, 145, 182mm drawer heights
Colours:                                  White, anthracite grey
Accessories:                          Inner drawer fronts, steel back panels, front panel marking jigs

Effortless opening with just a light touch

With Push Latch, doors and drawers can be completely handle-free. This popular solution gives furniture clean lines and timeless effortless movement.

Sleek look

The low body allows mounting on cabinets and drawers while allowing added space optimisation. 

Safety detachment feature

In case of accidental hits Push latch easily disengages from the mounting plate ensuring an extra notch of safety and security. 

Depth adjustment

It ensures reliable closing and opening of doors and also adjusts the door gap in case of inaccurate drilling.

Recommended positioning

Hinge cabinet - on cabinet opposite side to hinges; close to the touch opening point.
Drawer cabinet - on the cabinet side or cabinet bottom.

Intuitive mounting

Simply mount it in a standard cabinet drilling pattern: Can be fitted without pre-drilling, simply by positioning it by the side panel edge.
Available with linear and cross mounting plate and a snap-on fixing to the mounting plate.

With and without magnet

Push Latch with magnet works with reverse spring or unsprung hinges.
Push Latch without magnet works with standard hinges.

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