RAUVISIO crystal decor

RAUVISIO Crystal Decor Pre-Laminated Boards

Glass gives furniture an air of elegance and luxury, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living area. Glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal décor board is a real eye-catcher in every room and application - whether as a cabinet door, or in a wardrobe. With RAUVISIO crystal décor, it is possible to realise trendy designs in glass optics that look like wood or stone, while completely eliminating the disadvantages of real glass.


  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • Unique pieces with customised fronts in zero-joint quality
  • Impact resistant and 10 times more durable than real glass
  • Colour and UV-stable even under harsh conditions
  • Flexible processing possible using conventional wood working tools
  • Scratch-resistant even in daily use due to hard coat finish
  • 100% matched edgebands available    

Dimensions: 2800*1300*19 mm


RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor

Colour Collection

Conglomerato chiaro hochglänzend 1966L

Conglomerato chiaro
High-gloss 1966L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D131 - 12024476

Conglomerato scuro
High-gloss 1967L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D129 - 12022660

Marmo toscana
High-gloss 1968L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D127 - 12022049

Marmo romano
High-gloss 1969L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D130 - 12023869

Marmo bianco
High-gloss 1970L
Balancing sheet: Bianco

F21-D128 - 12022647

Marmo nero
High-gloss 1971L
Balancing sheet: Moro

F21-D126 - 12022036

Legno argentato
High-gloss 1972L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D136 - 12025680

Legno marrone
High-gloss 1973L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D137 - 12025691

Legno antico
High-gloss 1974L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D133 - 12025640

Legno bruciato
High-gloss 1975L
Balancing sheet: Moro

F21-D134 - 12025655

Legno sbiancato
High-gloss 1976L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D135 - 12025668

High-gloss 1977L
Balancing sheet: Fumo


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