If you approach storage space creatively, and think about functionality beyond the ordinary, then a piece of furniture suddenly turns into more than just a simple overhead kitchen cabinet. You end up with something completely new: FLIPDOOR. Or as we like to call it: The Art of Storage.

At first glance, the sleek and simple lines of FLIPDOOR are captivating and the invisible track system only adds to its true elegance. Looking good isn’t quite enough, FLIPDOOR offers practicality, from its smooth scissor-like mechanism to space-saving opening and all delivered pre-assembled.

Manufactured from durable, low-maintenance RAUVISIO crystal, FLIPDOOR works in perfect harmony with other furniture made using REHAU surfaces.

Why choose RAUVOLET Flipdoor ?

FLIPDOOR is made using our exclusive RAUVISIO crystal glass laminate. The material brings a whole range of advantages – and not just when compared to real glass. You can find more details and information about our smart glass products on the RAUVISIO crystal product page.

Colour matched glass handles

For a harmonious overall look

Simple installation

Using a ‘plug & play’ system

Easy ordering

With no minimum order quantities

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M00-D1240_CL - 88125
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