REHAU RETURN: Committed to the future

REHAU RETURN: Committed to the future


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What does REHAU RETURN stand for?

What resources are left for tomorrow?  How can we contribute to a sustainable, balanced ecosystem? As a polymer processing company, we are facing up to these questions. Giving back - RETURN - is therefore our maxim. For us, this means taking responsibility, rethinking processes sustainably and giving something valuable back. Today for tomorrow and future generations. 

How do we do this? We work together to embed sustainability in our processes, drive forward the circular economy and climate-friendly alternatives, and share our knowledge.

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The answer to limited resources and the obligation to reduce the CO2 footprint of products can only lie in the circular economy in the long term. This means that recyclable materials are constantly kept in the cycle and that that waste and energy usage is minimized. To this end, we work together with external partners, among others. We already use 40-75% recycled material in more than 50% of our windows

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With an innovative, networked energy supply, we will make our contribution to positively counteracting climate change. We want to further reduce the absolute CO2 emissions of our plants in Europe. For years, we have been using various measures to increase energy efficiency at our production sites and further expanding the share of green electricity, for example with photovoltaic systems.

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To ensure that RETURN is not just a theoretical goal, we have firmly anchored sustainability in our corporate strategy. From purchasing to partnerships and supply chains, we constantly question how we can make our processes more sustainable. How can we make products environmentally friendly right from the development stage? How can we ensure that we fulfill our duty of care in the supply chain?

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The future concerns us all! We want to engage in more and more dialogue. For example, by sharing our experiences on how a circular economy can succeed in panel discussions, stakeholder dialogs or podcasts. A sustainable future can only succeed together.

Giving something back together

In order to give something back together, we have been inspired by World Cleanup Day and are organizing campaigns for a cleaner environment at various REHAU locations around the world in September.

To accompany this, we invite you to get involved with our Instagram Challenge! Be creative - do your own cleanup event, fix something or show us your upcycling project - giving back in this sense also means keeping something in the cycle as long as possible that you would otherwise throw away.

Join the Instagram Challenge from September 12-17 and be a part of the action!

What you need to do for this? It's simple:

1. Take a snapshot of yourself cleaning up, picking up trash, repairing or reusing.

2. Upload it to your own Story and tag our Instagram Channel (@rehau.india).

3. We'll repost your Story.

Whether it's a clean construction site, a tidy home office, or a repaired bicycle - we welcome every post!

Important to know: In order for us to repost your story, your profile must be set to public.

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