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REHAU SOA awarded with 'Jury Special Mention' by SUSTAINABILITY 4.0

REHAU SOA have been conferred with the Jury Special Mention Award for our “UpCycle 95" project at the #Sustainability 4.0 awards, presented by the eminent Frost & Sullivan - MEASA and TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute.


The Sustainability 4.0 Awards bestowed the polymer manufacturing giant REHAU South Asia with the prestigious Jury’s Special Mention Award on 12th January 2022 for its ‘UpCycle 95’ Project. The award was hosted by Frost & Sullivan and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and through this recognition, REHAU aims to enhance sharing of best practices across the organizations.

In its twelfth edition, Frost & Sullivan and TERI present the Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2021 that aims to highlight the need for linkages between an organization’s strategy, governance & financial performance and the social, environmental & economic context within which it operates. This program enables businesses to take more logical & sustainable decisions that ensure long-term stakeholder value. The Jury Special Mention Awards, started in 2019, conferred for programs that are best-in-class, scalable and replicable across industry verticals. The Sustainability 4.0 Awards are designed to acknowledge the effort made by companies towards achieving this objective. Through this initiative, the award aspires to assist organizations, unearth the risks, leverage the opportunities, enable them to benchmark their performance, and be rewarded for their accomplishments.

Sustainability is a global subject of importance for REHAU, as a brand it believes and support Planet First concept and it's the fundamental belief of the company that actions taken today will serve the planet for many years to come. At REHAU, people focus on waste avoidance, recycling management, conscious use of green electricity and continuous expansion of sustainable usage of materials in production and much more. The company has recently reduced the ecological footprint of its products by an average of 35 percent. 

REHAU’s ‘UpCycle 95’ is designed to effectively use of waste material by addressing the issue ‘waste management’ and demonstrating new business opportunities in different categories. Illustrating quick replicability, the project showcases financially viable and working business model yielding outstanding results in terms of waste management by creating environmentally sound operations and practices.

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Ms. Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director, REHAU South Asia on receiving the prestigious Jury’s Special Mention Award says, “REHAU as a brand has been constantly driving towards a more sustainable future across all possible facets of its business. This award is a recognition of the continuous efforts that the team in REHAU SOA (South Asia) has put to ensure its commitment to the environment. We are motivated and inspired by our global promise of Planet First, strengthening our commitments to planet and its resources as a whole. Thanks to TERI and F&S for letting us share the success story of our commitment.”


REHAU is a German based brand, started in 1997 in India. The company had set-up its first manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra. REHAU India is one of the leading global players in Furniture and Building industry. The company is a solution provider for various business industries such as construction and automotive. Currently the company has 3 plants in India, 2 in Pune and 1 located in Vadodara. They use advanced German technology to provide polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive industry. REHAU is acknowledged as a leader in German-quality uPVC Edgebands, solid surface, pre-laminated boards, laminates, flooring, underfloor heating and cooling solutions etc.

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