What are Crystal Deep Pre-Laminated Boards

What are Crystal Deep Pre-Laminated Boards, and How Do They Enhance Your Interior Aesthetics?

Introduction to Modern Interior Solution

Intoday’s world, where the aesthetics of one's space can define their standard of living, the choice of materials used in interior design is crucial. Crystal Deep Textured pre-laminated boards offer a transformative option for those seeking both style and durability. One standout product in this category is REHAU's RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Collection, which blends innovative technology with elegant design to significantly enhance the interiors of modern homes.

Before diving into the specifics of the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection, it is important to understand what makes crystal deep textured pre-laminated boards so sought after in contemporary design. These materials provide a depth and complexity to surfaces that can mimic more expensive materials like glass or stone, but with added benefits.

The Appeal of Modern Crystal Deep Texture Board

Modern laminate texture has evolved to offer sophisticated finishes that can elevate any space. From matte to glossy and metallic, these textures allow designers and homeowners to craft unique environments that reflect their personal style.


RAUVISIO Crystal Deep Laminates Collection

The RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection is not just another decorative material; it represents a leap in the aesthetic and functional potential of laminates. Here’s what makes it stand out:
- Visual Depth Effect: The matte surfaces are designed to create a profound depth effect, reminiscent of the ocean. This unique characteristic is enhanced by a subtle metallic shimmer, adding a layer of sophistication to the decor.
- Colours and Textures: Available in a range of shades from Oro Bianco to darker hues like Basalto matt 2585L, the collection promises versatility to match any interior design theme.



- Durability: These laminates are more scratch-resistant and break-resistant than real glass, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
- Weight: Being lighter than real glass, they are easier to handle and install, reducing the complexity and time involved in renovation projects.
- Functionality: The collection includes perfectly matching tambour doors and edge bands, which maintain aesthetic coherence throughout the space.
- Maintenance: The anti-fingerprint finish ensures that the surfaces remain clean and attractive with minimal effort.
- Flexibility: Suitable for custom applications, the material can be processed using standard woodworking tools, allowing for personalised design touches like milling and backlighting.

Application Areas:
- Kitchen and Bathroom: Their resistance to moisture and easy cleaning makes them perfect for these environments.
- Furniture and Wardrobe Applications: The durability and aesthetic appeal of the RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection make it a wise choice for furniture pieces and textured laminates for wardrobes.
- Interior Design: Ideal for those who wish to create a sophisticated atmosphere in their living spaces.

How Crystal Deep Boards Enhances Interior Aesthetics? 

By choosing RAUVISIO crystal Deep pre-laminated boards, homeowners and designers can enjoy the following benefits:
- Aesthetic Flexibility: The variety of textures and colours allows for complete creative freedom in interior design.
- Longevity and Durability: These materials are built to last, ensuring that interiors look impeccable for years to come.
- Sustainable Choice: As a lighter alternative to glass, these laminates reduce the environmental impact associated with transport and installation.

Why Choose REHAU? 

REHAU is more than just a manufacturer of high-quality materials. As a German brand with a global presence, REHAU stands at the forefront of polymer-based solutions, driven by values of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Whether you're an architect, builder, or homeowner in India, choosing REHAU means investing in a product that promises beauty, durability, and a lesser environmental footprint.

Choose REHAU, where engineering progress enhances lives and brings the future of interior design into your home today.

Q. How do Crystal Deep Laminates differ from traditional laminates?
A. Crystal Deep pre-laminated boards are distinct from traditional laminates. They feature a unique visual depth effect and a subtle metallic shimmer, providing a glass-like appearance. Additionally, they are more durable and scratch-resistant, making them superior in both aesthetics and longevity compared to standard laminates.

Q. Are Crystal Deep Pre-Laminated Boards available in a variety of designs and colours?
A. Yes, the RAUVISIO Crystal Deep collection offers a variety of matte finishes and colours. From subtle light tones to rich dark hues, these laminates are designed to complement a wide range of interior styles, providing versatility in design options.

Q. Are Crystal Deep Pre-Laminated Boards easy to maintain?
A. Yes, they are exceptionally low-maintenance. The surfaces are designed with an anti-fingerprint finish, which greatly reduces the visibility of smudges, and they can be easily cleaned with just a simple wipe using a damp cloth.

Q. Can Crystal Deep Pre-Laminated Boards be used in both residential and commercial interior designs?
A. Yes, their robustness and aesthetic versatility make them ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Whether it's a home kitchen or a commercial office, Crystal Deep pre-Laminated boards offer durability and style, fitting seamlessly into various decor schemes.




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