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Sewer fittings

A fifth of all damage to the sewer network is related to side connections. If connections to sewer pipes are not installed correctly, this may result in damage such as leaky connections (e.g. incorrect fittings), protruding pipes, root penetration, contamination of the groundwater or even pipe blockages. The AWADOCK connection system offers a variety of options for an optimum and permanently leak-tight solution.


AWADOCK Classic sockets DN 160 and DN 200 for the connection to:

  • concrete pipes
  • reinforced concrete pipes
  • clay pipes,concrete chambers and flat walls


  • Permanently leak-proof to DIN EN 1610
  • Easy installation
  • “Very Good” rating in the IKT Product Test (2002) and IKT-approved
  • Flexible up to ± 7.5° for easier installation into narrow pipe trenches
  • Large borehole tolerance - including green "airbag seal" (Q-TE-C) for safety during installation
  • Impervious to shear loads and bending
  • Permanent internal marking 
  • No protruding pipes due to the integrated stop in the screw crown


AWADOCK Polymer (DN 160 and DN 200) can be connected to smooth-walled plastic pipes made from PP, PE, PVC and GFK (DN 200 - DN 1400)


  • Flexible: Integrated ball joint flexible to ± 7.5° horizontally or vertically (DN 200: ±4°). 
  • Identifiable: Internal marking makes it possible to identify the connection.


  • Cost-saving: Cheaper than the conventional construction methods.
  • Time-saving: The sewer can usually remain operational during assembly.
  • Space-saving: Access required to the connection point only.
  • Durable:  100% filler-free polypropylene.


  • Watertight: Large seal seals from the outside, even in the case of slight pipe deformation.
  • Safe: "Airbag" seal with Q-TE-C to seal leaks.
  • Resistant: Polypropylene makes the boring sockets particularly impact-resistant and resistant to aggressive waste water.


AWADOCK CP (corrugated pipes) is a fitting for the side connection from PVC and PP pipes to existing composite pipes.

  • Can be used universally for all composite pipes available on the market that fulfil DIN EN 13476-3.
  • Only three types for all diameters DN/OD 315 to DN/OD 1200.
  • Screwed-in easily, quickly and safely.

AWADOCK CP achieves its safety and leak-tightness, which has been confirmed by the MFPA, due to its double sealing function. The seal is created by the compression of the connecting seal against the inner cross-section of the core borehole, and by the pressure of the lip seals on the inner wall of the composite pipe, achieved by screwing the screw-in socket into the connecting seal.

  • Permanent leak-tightness 
  • No protruding pipes due to a stop in the screw crown.
  • Impervious to shear loads and bending.


AWADUKT FLEX connects almost all pipes, such as rigid and flexible pipes, smooth, ribbed or corrugated pipe can be connected to each other without additional compensating rings.


  • One coupler for all applications
  • Tested leak-tightness up to 2.5 bar
  • DIBt-certification(submitted)
  • "Airbag-seal" made of Q-TE-C to seal leakages
  • Reliable connection quality thanks to deeper insertion length
  • Extra wide stainless steel bands for additional safety
  • Saves time and cost: quick and easy installation and reduced parts required

The universal coupling from REHAU can combine sewer pipes for almost all materials:

  • Ribbed pipes
  • GRP Pipes
  • Corrugated pipes
  • PP Pipes
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete pipes
  • Vitrified clay pipes
  • PVC Pipes
  • PE Pipes
  • SML Pipes
  • Cast Iron pipes



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