Combine 60 years of European design excellence with 40 years of American market ingenuity

 As a vinyl extrusion company, our PVC window and door solutions are widely recognized on both continents as the A-list choice for discerning manufacturers, contractors, architects, developers and homeowners.

A bold statement, yes, but REHAU’s uncompromising attention to perfection extends to every stage of the window and door ecosystem, including DESIGN, MATERIAL, EXTRUSION, TESTING, SERVICES and STYLE. While other companies do one or even two stages well, none deliver on ALL OF THEM with the same level of measurable quality and unwavering consistency as REHAU, starting with design. 


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American ingenuity + German engineering = excellence in performance and style

REHAU became one of the first companies to introduce welded vinyl window systems to North America in 1976, already having become a household name for value engineering throughout Europe. And while many early vinyl window builders sacrificed quality for price in the American market, REHAU never compromised, never stopped pushing design and engineering boundaries.

Superior profiles

The frame and sash at the heart of every REHAU window system boast thicker uPVC walls that make the product sturdier and, in a REHAU breakthrough, appropriate for commercial applications as well as residential.

Many style options

Style, shape, surface and color options provide architects, builders and homeowners with maximum flexibility.

In-house & third-party testing

For structural integrity, thermal performance, acoustical insulation, moisture resistance and ease of operation.

Up to triple glazing 

Glazing channels can accommodate up to three panes of glass for maximum energy efficiency and acoustic performance.  

REHAU’s in-house design team supports custom applications, product enhancements and new product development. Custom design services include modification of existing window and door systems to meet the needs of architects or contractors on specific projects as well as regional differences.

That same sensitivity to market demand also translates into new and enhanced product development. With an ear always to the ground, our designers prototype, test and build the tools necessary to regularly upgrade and expand our window and door product portfolio.

Does the REHAU design advantage sound a little too good to be true?

 We encourage you to contact us  and ask for a list of customers you can speak to directly.


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Raw materials are mixed in-house to ensure durability, energy efficiency and sustainability

Most products are only as good as the material used to make them, which is why the formula for the uPVC (polyvinyl chloride) used in every window and door system at REHAU is a closely held company secret. We mix all raw materials in-house rather than relying on ready-made formulations from outside vendors. The resulting profiles feature qualities not available anywhere else.

Just like the kitchen staff at a fine restaurant, the REHAU “chefs” at our in-house chemistry department are constantly testing and optimizing these formulations to meet the strictest standards.

Example in point #1

We meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) by adjusting our uPVC formulas for each of the widely varying North American climate zones. REHAU’s window and door systems are part of the AAMA Profile Certification Program, assuring consistent quality that is verified by an independent auditor twice a year. 

Example in point #2

Our latest breakthrough formula, called RAU-FIPRO, combines both PVC and fiberglass for outstanding strength and load capacities without relying on steel reinforcement. Similar to the fiber-composite materials used in aeronautics, RAU-FIPRO addresses the increasing demand for high efficiency window and door products that hold up in commercial applications.

Example in point #3

UV (ultraviolet) light can break down uPVC, causing it to fade and crack over time. We are constantly testing and improving our formulas for UV stability. So, while most extruders are stingy with titanium dioxide to cut costs, we add more of this expensive ingredient because it is critical to keeping the white WHITE in vinyl windows for decades, no matter the conditions.

Extensive weather testing

After extensive weather testing in Arizona (dry climate, high radiation), Florida (humid, hot climate) and Ohio (industrial, moderate climate), REHAU uPVC continuously outperforms standard vinyl with the same like-new color and sheen on day 1,825 (that’s five years) as day one. Given the demand for multiple colors and wood grain/metal-like finishes, we also do extensive comparative testing of our laminate surfacing against other colored, painted, foiled and capstocked (resin coated) windows.

Sooo, can you really afford to compromise on your next window and door project?

Contact the nearest REHAU manufacturer and discover how we can help you save both money and headache on your next residential or commercial window and door project. 


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Advanced extrusion technology drives precise standards for all our windows and doors

Remember the Play Doh Fun Factory? Load the toy press with Play-Doh, push down on the handle and then watch how the Play Doh squeezes through a mold to create clay strings in wondrous shapes. The extrusion process used to create a vinyl window or door works on the exact same principles as the Play Doh Fun Factory.

uPVC resin is combined with other raw materials (the “dough” in this case) and loaded into a large funnel where it is heated to melting. The molten raw material is extruded through a set of metal blocks called dies. The vinyl “string” (or profile) that emerges is then cut to specific lengths called lineals, which when welded, form a window or door system.

So why should you care about any of this? Because those uPVC profiles are the infrastructure upon which everything else depends when building a superior window or door: structural integrity, advanced thermal and acoustical performance, resilient surfaces, lustrous color and ease of operation.

While the process of extrusion is used by everyone in the industry to produce vinyl window and door profiles, no one does it like REHAU.

Secret uPVC formula

The uPVC formulation that fuels extrusion at REHAU is a closely held company secret. Furthermore, all our raw materials are mixed in-house rather than purchased ready-made from outside vendors. In other words, we know exactly what we’re getting. And so do you!

Proprietary tooling and dies

We design and build proprietary tool and die sets right here at REHAU, giving us a significant advantage over most of our competitors who outsource their tooling. Each die (the keystone to extrusion) is also made with high-grade steel rather than the lower-quality aluminum plates used by many others. The results are window and door profiles with superior structural, surface and mechanical qualities.

Advanced quality assurance

Even when using high-grade materials during extrusion, it is essential to continually monitor and improve every process for quality assurance. That’s why we use the latest computer technologies, research and machinery to test and make sure every one of our window and door systems achieves the tightest tolerances. 

Next Step

Contact the nearest REHAU manufacturer

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Stringent protocols for structural, thermal, acoustical and impact performance

Our mission is to ALWAYS raise the bar on vinyl windows and doors: From aesthetics to operation, energy efficiency to sustainability, structural integrity to innovative design.

Want scientific proof? Every one of REHAU’s window and door systems undergoes stringent testing protocols to ensure that they surpass standards for all the following industry benchmarks:

Exceeds all NAFS structural criteria

REHAU window and door designs – from tilt-­turn, casement and hung/slider windows to French and sliding doors – undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed air, water and structural benchmarks set by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS). Excellence here means a highly durable barrier between indoor spaces and the exterior environment, including infiltration – keeping air and moisture out – and exfiltration – keeping warm or cooled air in. Thicker and engineered uPVC walls also make the product sturdier and thus NAFS-rated for commercial applications as well as residential.

Thermal performance drives energy efficiency

REHAU windows and doors achieve industry-leading energy efficiency by combining proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion, low-­e glazing capabilities and compression-seal technologies. Fully compliant with all applicable energy codes and ENERGY STAR® ratings, our window and door systems deliver U-­Values as low as 0.13 Btu/hr*ft²*°F.

Perceived noise reduction of 90 to 95 percent

Honking horns, blaring sirens, roaring jets or even a neighbor’s lawn mower – typical urban din, in other words – can seriously compromise quality of life. REHAU windows and doors help wall out these common annoyances by achieving top ratings in sound abatement. Very few vinyl windows on the market today can match this standard.

Hurricane rated for impact and air pressure

Add “hurricane rated” to our long list of certifications in coastal regions where windows and doors are required to withstand hurricane impacts and high wind pressure.

Now you know why there’s “Okay,” and then there’s REHAU

We proudly confess that our German heritage makes us more than a little obsessed with quality engineering. And yes, it takes time and money to continually improve our products. But when your corporate calling is to build the VERY BEST door and window systems in the world, “okay” is simply not good enough.

We call it the The Why REHAU. You’ll call it a competitive edge. To learn more, contact the REHAU dealer or manufacturer nearest you 


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Receive unparalleled downstream support from the REHAU engineering, sales and marketing teams

Exceptional service is another pillar. Simply put, we invest more in end-to-end customer support than any of our competitors because we care about YOUR success. And that, folks, is what real craftsmanship is all about. No Shortcuts, No Compromises, No Excuses.

Setup and training for fabrication

Each of our manufacturers, whether new or experienced, receives end-to-end support that starts with a detailed setup plan for an efficient fabrication line. We recommend specific machinery, tools and other equipment that will ensure REHAU quality while achieving superior run times. Then, we add in a dedicated staff of technical trainers with long-standing experience in the fenestration industry. And that’s just the beginning of a relationship that’s designed for the long haul.

Engineering expertise for customized solutions

Cookie-cutter solutions don’t always fly in this business, which is exactly why REHAU supports all our customers with a staff of veteran engineers and designers. Maybe you are a manufacturer that would like to customize an existing REHAU window system. Or you are a contractor that needs a new trim accessory for a specific commercial installation. Perhaps you are an architect with a vision for a completely new window design on that “super bowl” project. Whatever the challenge, just know that the REHAU engineering team can make it all happen with decades of experience in CAD design, energy modeling, prototyping, testing and much more.

Account management and sales that feel like family

Everyone has heard of the seven-year itch in marriages, right? Any couple that lasts longer can be considered lucky. Well, we’re happy to report that our sales team and many of our manufacturer customers are clocking 15 years or more, so something must be going right! Not only will our sales managers organize training for you and your sales team on our products, they will even join you on that big sales pitch and help you close the deal. Responsiveness, experience, field testing and walk-throughs … those are the keys to real commitment.

Marketing services

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten those of you who might need a little extra help on the marketing side of the sales equation. Our in-house marketing team can help you with the setup of your website or specific product pages, pull together a brochure, design a trade show display or even a new logo, etc.

So, why not join the family? Contact the REHAU representative nearest you to find out more.


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Customizable vinyl window solutions are finally here in multiple colors and woodgrain finishes

Quick now, what color do you see when you think of vinyl windows and doors? If we’re talking most of the vinyl crowd, probably white. But if we’re talking REHAU, envision a rainbow of solid and textured colors, from redwood, forest green or royal blue on one end of the spectrum to wrought iron or brushed bronze on the other. Imagine interior finishes that look like real Irish oak, mahogany or soft cherry.

Now picture these options in countless shapes, including round, half-round, triangular, rake top and elliptical. All of these variations are available in every conceivable window configuration, from single and double-hung, to casement, slider and our revolutionary tilt-turn windows. In fact – style-conscious architect, developer, contractor or homeowner – there are 1,500+ design options available when you choose REHAU windows and doors!

Now you can have it all, style and performance

By combining technology with innovation, REHAU has dashed the tired cliché of white, uninspired vinyl windows. Now you and your customers can have it all – the industry-leading energy efficiency and durability of REHAU uPVC vinyl windows and doors with a full range of design options. What more could you ask for? Find out by connecting with a REHAU manufacturer today.


Space age foil surfacing that is weather, heat and moisture resistant

RENOLIT EXOFOL is the next-generation of high-performance foil for windows and doors. Applied to our window and door profiles after extrusion, these scratch-resistant and richly textured foil laminates come in a rainbow of solid and textured colors and natural woodgrain designs. But wait, there’s more good news.

After extensive testing against other color options like paint or lesser PVC foils, RENOLIT EXOFOL shows 150 percent improved weather resistance for longer color retention. The advanced pigment technology reflects away harmful UV rays and slows heat buildup, extending the life of our windows and doors. These laminates also resist moisture absorption better than PVC films by 45 percent.

Hence, RENOLIT EXOFOL acts like a coat of armor for our REHAU windows and doors, protecting against chalking, cracking and fading when compared to paint. So, no more scraping, priming or touchup: These windows will look like new again with just a little water, dish soap and a clean cloth. And we put our money where our mouth is with a 10-year warranty for BOTH exterior and interior applications of RENOLIT EXOFOL.


Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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