RAU-FIPRO: Formulated for the future

RAUFIPRO delivers on all important attributes making it the benchmark in hybrid PVC technology.

What is RAU-FIPRO?

RAU-FIPRO® glass-fiber reinforced PVC is a game-changing window profile material engineered by REHAU. It delivers the lightweight strength of materials used in the aerospace and automotive industries, while retaining all the properties that have made PVC the leading window profile material worldwide. 


RAU-FIPRO is our answer to the growing demand for larger windows in modern residential and commercial construction. Much stronger than traditional PVC, this exclusive hybrid framing material rivals the strength of aluminum and fiberglass. With PVC as the dominant component, its exceptional insulating properties and longevity remain in full force.

Benefits of RAU-FIPRO

Scale up

Strength and stability

A RAU-FIPRO profile is PVC co-extruded around a glass-fiber reinforced core forming a highly integrated heat and chemical bond. This hybrid material is AMMA-certified to meet the requirements of North America. Its excellent stability and torsional rigidity make it possible to build 33% larger windows and doors without steel reinforcement. For the most expansive window and door designs, reinforcements can still be integrated, admitting even more natural light and showcasing the beauty that surrounds your residential or commercial project.

Conserve energy

Ultra-tight building envelope

Unlike aluminum, RAU-FIPRO is a natural insulator. Combine this advanced material with skillful design that limits thermal conduction and ensures tight seals from envelop to frame to sash, and the result is some of the highest performing systems in North America. Windows and doors made with RAU-FIPRO are designated as a Certified Passive House Component by the Passive House Institute (PHI), contributing to a tightly sealed building envelope. By minimizing the load that renewables are required to provide, Passive House construction takes major steps toward zero-energy building. 

Choose resilience

Built to last

From the moment we first extruded PVC window profiles in 1958, we have continually worked to improve our formulations for greater stability in all conditions. Co-extruded with REHAU’s proprietary calcium-zinc fortified PVC on exposed surfaces, RAU-FIPRO profiles are engineered to withstand the demanding climates of North America. They require no coatings or paint and are chemically inert, so they cannot rot, decay, mildew or degrade from UV exposure. Compared to standard PVC profiles, RAU-FIPRO profiles expand and contract 60% less, enhancing structural rigidity, making color application easier and ensuring that the tightly sealed building envelope remains so for many years.

Raise strength

Unleash Creativity

RAU-FIPRO in products

Tilt-turn, hinged and casement systems 

Arising from the integrated reinforcement of RAU-FIPRO hybrid PVC profiles, Aspekt+ windows and Geneo windows and doors have built-in structural integrity to go larger than standard PVC windows without steel inserts that detract from thermal performance. The combination of this advanced material and the carefully engineered window system design has allowed Aspekt+ and Geneo to be designated as Passive House Components.

More about Aspekt+ 

More about Geneo 

REHAU GENEO tilt-turn window

Manufacturing simplicity

RAU-FIPRO profiles are processed just like PVC – they use the same machinery, tooling, hardware and overall manufacturing techniques. For instance, they do not require any special occupational safety measures or protective attire as required when handling pure fiberglass profiles. 

Installation ease

RAU-FIPRO profiles are lighter than conventional steel-reinforced profiles. Therefore, windows made of RAU-FIPRO can reduce transportation costs while easing the load on the workers installing the windows.

Environmental protection

RAU-FIPRO profiles protect our environment by lasting a very long time and by reducing energy consumption compared to aluminum. When they reach the end of their very efficient, decades-long service life, RAU-FIPRO units are 100% recyclable.

Passive House projects



Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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