Entice the senses with RAUVISIO ingrain

Inspired by pattern, this veneer aesthetic is a celebration for the eye.

The color collection

RAUVISIO ingrain wood fiber laminate surface

RAUVISIO ingrain™ wood fiber laminate surface combines natural wood fibers with synchronized etching for a luxurious veneer aesthetic. Its distinctive combination of fibers and dimensional gloss channels light and contrast in such high definition that it demands a second, even third glance. Step into the grain with one of our immersive patterns to deliver an atmosphere of eco-conscience luxury to your next designed space.

While many have tried to replicate wood, RAUVISIO ingrain delivers, exceptionally.

Harness the power of this precise etching technology and its capacity to span a wide range of applications to create captivating natural spaces.

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What is RAUVISIO ingrain?

A sustainable wood fiber laminate surface, with a synchronized etched grain providing an authentic look of veneer.

What is wood fiber laminate?

Wood fiber laminate is cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp bonded using vegetable-based adhesives, resulting in a high-performing, sustainable surface. The engineered natural material is an economical choice, eliminating the labor-intensive finish work of real veneer and coming in at nearly one-third of the cost of prefinished veneer.

What is synchronized etching?

Synchronized etching, the proprietary technology used in RAUVISIO ingrain, adds visual dimension to a wood-fiber pore by applying a patterned matte and low gloss finish. It delivers the soft, crisp graining of a veneer, without the overcompensations typical of melamine embossing. On REHAU LaserEdge, this technique known as duo-gloss, recreates each laminate color using a precision embossing pattern for a visually seamless surface-to-edge transition.

What makes it unique?

  • Natural cellulose fibers
  • Synchronized etching finish
  • Free of melamine resins, formaldehyde, phenol and solvents

RAUVISIO ingrain wood fiber laminate surface is cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp bonded using vegetable-based adhesives, resulting in a high-performing, sustainable surface. Free of melamine resins, formaldehyde, phenol and solvents, the laminate is offered as pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) laminates, boards and edgeband or fabricated panels and cabinet doors. The PSA laminate is extremely flexible, making it ideal for vertical design elements, including curved walls and soft 3D applications, and suitable for cabinet refacing. Crafted in Italy, the wood-fiber paper is applied stateside to a particle board core using PUR glue and finished with REHAU LaserEdge™ duo-gloss technology. By combining color, gloss and embossing patterns, this next-generation edge seamlessly continues the heightened sensory experience of the wood-fiber surface. Lose yourself in the definition of RAUVISIO ingrain.

Features and benefits

  • High-definition print
  • 3x thicker than melamine
  • High-performing, sustainable surface
  • Made of natural cellulose fibers
  • Free of melamine resins, formaldehyde, phenol and solvents
  • Double-sided finished panel or cabinet door


  • Residential cabinetry
  • Commercial casework (vertical application only)
  • Anywhere you’d specify a wood veneer (vertical only)

“Textured melamines have printed designs that are then subjected to a resin bath causing the image quality to become diluted. The resulting finish is typically glossy and artificial. RAUVISIO ingrain maintains a high-definition print because its finish is applied by a proprietary print-roller process in a unique matte and low-gloss texture that matches the grain pattern. To match this high-definition effect in REHAU LaserEdge, our color-match artisans have advanced our edgeband technology with complex designs that use patterns in the color, gloss and embossing.”

- Scott Blair, senior product engineer at REHAU

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Category: Millwork & Cabinetry
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RAUVISIOingrain_ArchitectureMasterprize - 100000378 2023 Architecture Masterprize Winner

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Seek out pattern.

We have been mesmerized by patterns, colors and textures since our most primitive days. Our mind is hardwired to seek patterns so that we can make sense of the world by creating categories for things: Harmful or helpful? Dangerous or safe? Appealing or unappealing? Once we have categorized something and found it to be more than agreeable, we want to make it ours and share it with others.

Never too much of a good thing.

Our desire to share elements that evoke admiration with those around us and multiply them for all to experience is what propelled the Industrial Revolution. We as the human race have been observing and emulating the noteworthy in life for millennia. Good design is no different. When we see something good, something beautiful, something wondrous, we want to be able to hold it, touch it, be with it and bring it home.


From door to wall to ceiling, RAUVISIO ingrain captures the light, contrast and grain pattern in such high definition that it demands a second, even third glance. Take your peacocking to the next level: Pick one of our 15 hyper-realistic colors in this exclusive finish.

Timeless collection

Tried and true, time and again. These colors are pillars of any good design because of their versatility and ability to enliven the senses. Into offices, hotels and restaurants, they carry a graceful worldliness that gleams confidently.

RAUVISIO ingrain Heirloom Oak 1318

Heirloom Oak

RAUVISIO ingrain Windswept Pine 1824

Windswept Pine

RAUVISIO ingrain Steel Oak 1329

Steel Oak

RAUVISIO ingrain Acacia Oak 1343

Acacia Oak

RAUVISIO ingrain Roasted Oak 1345

Roasted Oak

Horizon collection

Beaming with light all around, this collection is a celebration for the eyes. Experience these warm and deeply vibrant colors for a sunny-side-up experience that nurtures elevated moods and keeps ideas flowing.  

RAUVISIO ingrain Seaside Pine 1823

Seaside Pine

RAUVISIOingrain_1827_Sunlit_Pine - 1090762

Sunlit Pine

RAUVISIO ingrain Honeycomb Oak 1348

Honeycomb Oak

RAUVISIO ingrain Milestone Maple 1502

Milestone Maple

RAUVISIO ingrain Nomad Oak 1338

Nomad Oak

Atmosphere collection

Draw out a stylish silhouette that is patterned for visual impact. These etched surfaces create a mystical setting for resimercial spaces that need a spark of warmth and homeyness. Fall back on your favorite spot, away from the daily grind of the moment, to recenter, refuel and refocus.

RAUVISIOingrain_1509_Dawning_Ash - 1090766

Dawning Ash

RAUVISIOingrain_1831_Bourbon_Teak - 1090761

Bourbon Teak

RAUVISIOingrain_1826_Cognac_Pine - 1090763

Cognac Pine

RAUVISIO ingrain Whispering Walnut 1125

Whispering Walnut

RAUVISIO ingrain Charred Ebony 1960

Charred Ebony


RAUVISIO ingrain Roasted Oak
RAUVISIO ingrain Seaside Pine
RAUVISIO ingrain Roasted Oak

Program options

Pressed panels

49 x 121 in x 19.5 mm (1245 x 3073 x 19.5 mm)

Large format pressed panel of particle board surrounded by two sides of wood fiber laminate.

PSA laminate

24 x 96 in (609 x 2438 mm)

A 0.33 mm thick wood fiber laminate with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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49 x 121 in x 0.5 mm (1260 x 3070 x 0.5 mm)

Wood fiber laminate surface in a large format for vertical millwork applications.


REHAU LaserEdge with duo-gloss technology – two gloss levels applied in a pattern – with precision embossing available in various sizes for all your project requirements.

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