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Decades of perfecting our craft in polymers, pigments and print wheels have earned REHAU the reputation of the best surface-to-edge matchmaker in the industry.

Whether it’s the thousands of edgeband colors in multiple formulations we have in stock or something custom made for you, make a match that will last the entirety of its surfaced life.

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Edgeband is personal for us: It’s our people, some who’ve been laying eyes on edgeband matches for 20 years, and our attention to detail that uphold our reputation day in and day out. REHAU edgeband is delivered with an imperceptible color difference of less than 1 Delta E, whether the material is PVC, PP, PMMA or ABS. Their color stability and material resilience ensures they will age as gracefully as your cabinets and millwork. Innovating edging, whether in production plant or in the warehouse, is our business.

Say Goodbye to glue pots and glue lines with our REHAU LaserEdgeTM zero-joint technology. Take curves with ease using REHAU FlexEdge® semi-rigid edging. Find anything you need, whenever you want, in whatever length among the 10,000 SKUs at the REHAU Marketplace. With so much going on at the shop, leave the details of edging to us.

Why REHAU edgeband?

Best surface-to-edge matchmaker in the industry.

Freedom to choose from the largest selection of sizes and materials.

Innovating to solve issues at the edge, one roll at a time.

More than meets the eye.

Imagine trying to close your shirt without buttons or tie your shoes without laces. Small is easy to overlook.

The edge of a laminated board is small, but perfecting this detail has been our focus for more than 50 years. We’ve trained our eyes on making exact matches between surface and edge, allowing you to always put your best foot forward.

We’re not your average edgeband manufacturer. When we say we can make any edgeband for you, you better believe it. We stock neons, primaries, pastels and wood grains that could outfit football fields more than once. Need patterns? We’ve got you covered. Our experience can transport you from grafix to linen, spanning decades of trends. The fun doesn’t stop there. We are always looking ahead to the next frontier to keep you at the edge, today and tomorrow.

Like a button and shoelace, edgeband is small. But when you glide your fingertips down the edge of a board you ran through the mill earlier today, you know small is mighty.

Best surface-to-edge matchmaker in the industry.

Color matching is an art: Each of our matches is superior in quality and consistency throughout its lifetime. Our best kept secret is our dedicated color lab team. They work every match from start to finish: testing, color grading and correcting to create the perfect counterpart.

Even with all the technological strides we’ve made, we still enlist our color experts, some who’ve been laying eyes on matches for 20 years, to personally sign off on a match. We safeguard our formulations, so you can still purchase matches we made 50 years ago. We’re a matching haven for shops of all sizes. The color of the single coil you order today will match the edgeband shipment you received last month or last decade, no matter the size or material.

Woodgrain Edgeband

Freedom to choose from the largest selection of sizes and materials.

We add new matches daily to stay current with the latest collections of the leading HPL and melamine manufacturers. With 10,000+ SKUs, thick and thin in industry standard sizes, ready to ship from stock today.

Have a more complex need? Send us a swatch and we’ll make a custom formulation, so your customers can be unabashedly original. Putting the perfect finish on your boards couldn’t be easier.

Innovating to solve issues at the edge, one roll at a time.

Our process, color and material engineers take your concerns seriously. Whether it's an issue with a delivery tomorrow or efficiency improvements for your shop or an idea you have for an edging solution that would make life easier, we’re an extension of your team.

From our famous REHAU FlexEdge® semi-rigid to our REHAU LaserEdgeTM zero-joint edgebanding to our well-stocked REHAU Marketplace, innovating alongside you at the edge is our biggest brag.

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  • Stock program refreshed with the latest designs
  • 10,000+ SKUs in thick and thin industry standard sizes
  • Matches for the latest collections of the leading HPL and melamine manufacturers
  • Order quantities as small as 100 ft coils

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Edgeband options

LaserEdge - 1108891

ABS - 1108893


Elevate your design with zero-joints, zero-seams and zero glue

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REHAU FlexEdge®

Trim easily and handle small radii without extra pressure with contour applications

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FlexEdge - 1108892

PVC - 1108894


Provide convenience and flexibility for a variety of project needs

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Adapt to changing market requirements without machine adjustments

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Achieve the highest level of ecological benefit with the most color-stable chemistry

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Specialty edgeband

Choose from unique finishes including mirror gloss, elegant matte, real glass, magic 3D and metallic

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