Surround yourself with meaning using RAUVISIO engineered materials

Craft made-to-measure spaces that transport you to soulful places. From surface to edge, RAUVISIOTM engineered materials set you apart.

Welcome to RAUVISIO HouseSM, a collective of engineers, creatives, designers and artisans who help you create spaces that tell your individual story.

Find inspiration in the colors, textures and technologies of our RAUVISIO House lines. From gloss to matte, crystal, natural and metal, each line is curated to be a classic of modern living and human-made for precision and permanence.

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RAUVISIO House is your single stop for coordinated laminates, boards, edgeband, fabricated panels and modern cabinet doors, each in a myriad of colors and finishes. No detail is unimportant as we transform your chosen surface into life-proof panels using advanced technologies such as seamless REHAU LaserEdgeTM finishing, antimicrobial properties, self-healing and fingerprint resistance, for one elegant surface-to-edge experience.

RAUVISIO House: Who we are.

RAUVISIO House is a collective of engineers, creatives, designers and artisans with one mission: To help you create intimate and inspiring spaces that draw from your unique journey through life. Our House lines are crafted by people like you, whose individual experiences are visible in every color selected, sample exchanged, phone call answered, delivery made.

Let us help you bring your story to life with a myriad of colors and finishes engineered to withstand the passage of time. 

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The trends that inspire RAUVISIO House lines

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Soulful spaces: 3 ways to incorporate color into your home

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When selecting white or black cabinet surfaces for the clean, minimalist look, you could miss out on an opportunity to infuse your space with meaning. Despite the freedom and individuality designing with color offers, you might be hesitant to use color in your home because you are worried about either tiring of it or having it go out of style.

However, there are ways to include color in a home that are streamlined and sophisticated, so you don’t have to miss out on creating soulful spaces that echo your experiences. In our latest blog post, we take a look at three ways to incorporate color into design that include light-colored neutrals, bold darker tones and metallic.

Featured RAUVISIO House reference project

RAUVISIO House featured in 2024 Tour of Kitchens sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

We wanted a statement wall that would camouflage the push-to-open appliances. We couldn’t use a basic metal because it would easily scratch and show fingerprints when opening appliances. RAUVISIO ferro fit the bill for this huge wall with its scratch-resistance and fingerprint resistance, so we repeated it in the mudroom that also has touch-to-open closets.”

The posh Intown Atlanta neighborhood is a place where old meets new. Going through many transitions over the years, the houses in this neighborhood tell stories from different decades, even centuries. Over time, these historic homes often need a fresh take to improve functionality and reinvigorate their appearance.

The goal of this remodel was to retain the feel of the original craftsman style, but clean it up to make it more modern. See how the final design mixed high-quality materials including our RAUVISIO ferro metallic PET surface in Empire Skyline with other selections to achieve timeless contrast.

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RAUVISIO crystal Menta polished, RAUVISIO noir compact Casa Blanca and RAUVISIO crystal slim Sabbia
RAUVISIO crystal Menta polished, RAUVISIO noir compact Casa Blanca and RAUVISIO crystal slim Sabbia
RAUVISIO crystal Menta polished, RAUVISIO noir compact Casa Blanca, RAUVISIO terra Vineyard Oak and RAUVISIO crystal slim Sabbia

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