Mine a gem as rare as you with RAUVISIO crystal

Inspired by gemstones, these natural and polished finishes achieve a rarified luster.

The color collection

RAUVISIO crystal acrylic surface

RAUVISIO crystal™ acrylic surface, found in its polished and natural finishes, brings cemented energy to achieve a rarified luster. The lightweight, yet durable polymer surface creates a deep and multifaceted aesthetic when finished with beveled REHAU LaserEdge technology.

From its sleek cool facets to its color play, uncover radiant and deeply personal spaces with RAUVISIO crystal.

Unearthed from the cavernous and mysterious depths of our planet, gems provide unique insight into the most astounding geological phenomena on the planet. These dwellers of the deep inhabit the battlefield of earthen chaos – the space between the tectonic plates and Earth’s crust. Within them lay dormant wonders that dazzle the eyes and dance with light when unlocked. 

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A surface that fascinates.
Our fascination with crystals, their origins, strength and composition, dates back to the beginning of civilization when our ancestors believed these formations contained healing powers, sometimes even deities, within them. Their cool-to-touch slick surface, dazzling glimmer and multifaceted reflection keep us mesmerized.

Beauty in the rough.
Stones in all finishes have a certain enchantment that draw passers-by in. For some, the gritty finish of raw gems isn’t lackluster; it’s laconic. For others, the slick polished state of a gem unlocks the colorful fire subdued within. Offered in polished and natural finishes, RAUVISIO crystal transitions seamlessly between sleek reflective gloss and powdery matte to create a singular reality in your space.

Features and benefits

  • Completely unique visual depth and reflective quality
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean with microfiber towels
  • Take notes or write tasks with whiteboard markers (polished) or chalk (natural)
  • Cut and processed with woodworking tools
  • 10x more break resistant than real glass
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • 20% less waste compared to real glass


  • Residential cabinetry
  • Commercial casework
  • Hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Available in a slim option for backsplashes and shower walls
  • Available in a decorative mirror option

The mystique of RAUVISIO crystal acrylic surface is its stone-hard nearly 2 mm clear acrylic top layer that creates intense reflectivity, entrancing optical depth with crisp facets and superb UV- and scratch-resistance. With natural and polished finishes, designs from mineral to mirror, board and slim configurations, RAUVISIO crystal is our most versatile line. It spans sensations from stunning to surprisingly fun:

  • Imagine RAUVISIO crystal slim™ as a backsplash or shower walls.
  • Accent an entrance with RAUVISIO crystal™ Decorative Mirror for a reflective acrylic surface.
  • Even create message boards: Write with chalk on the natural finish, dry-erase markers on the polished.

RAUVISIO crystal is offered as boards, 4 mm wall panels and edgeband or fabricated panels and cabinet doors. On boards, panels and doors, the crystal laminate and a color-matched balancing backer are applied using PUR glue to an MDF core that is CARB2, TSCA Title VI certified. Panels and doors are finished with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™, then beveled for a convincing replication of back-painted or frosted cut glass. At 50% lighter and 10 times more break resistant than real glass, yet as easy to work with as engineered wood, RAUVISIO crystal is a gem of a surface you’ll mine time-and-again.


Diamond collection

Whites that emanate grandeur. The allure of white is one that has made its way into our traditions  ̶  in ceremonial rituals such as weddings and in the way we understand and measure purity. The scarcity of white in our natural world and our reverence of it perseveres and continues to be a staple of modern design. We invite you to find a white that adds the right warmth and clarity to your design.

Bianco Color

polished V2778
natural 1696L
*available in slim

Zuccero Color

polished 1923L

Perla Color

polished V2892
natural 1697L
*available in slim

Obsidian collection

Heart of darkness. Hints of onyx, obsidian, tourmaline and quartz are the inspiration for these dark, glassy and seductive surfaces. These colors draw forth a magnetism where gathering and contemplation can take place effortlessly. Day or night, these surfaces boast opulent richness with their profound color and illusive nature.

Fumo Color

polished 1686L
natural 1702L
*available in slim

Piano Color

polished 2015L

Decorative Mirror Color

Decorative Mirror
polished 1721L
*available in slim

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Vermarine collection

Sea foam, sand and blossoms. Stretch out on a moonlit beach. Feel gentle waves crashing beneath your feet. Embrace the reflection of the moon as the tide comes in and allow the calming colors of dawn to envelop you.

Nebbia Color

polished 1910L
natural 1911L
*available in slim

Menta Color

polished 1684L

Sabbia Color

polished 1687L
natural 1703L
*available in slim

Mineral collection

Deposit ambience. Etch a look that brings explosive fragments of color into your dwelling. This collection is inspired by recrystallized decorative stone to add high-class style and curio-like charm in all settings.

Marmo bianco Color

Marmo Bianco
polished 1970L
*available in slim

Legno sbiancato Color

Legno Sbiancato
polished 1976L
*available in slim

Marmo nero

Marmo Nero
polished 1971L
*available in slim

Take a moment to be inspired

O07-D148 - 52202774
RAUVISIO crystal Oberflächen
6 - 1076113
OIP - 1076094
luke-peterson-30OJcCJGnyw-unsplash - 1076092
M00-D1067 - 599
RAUVISIO crystal Oberflächen
O07-D162 - 52205840
1200px-QuartzPrase - 1076100
PlummerProject_Freebird-57-colorlook - 1088444
REHAU Casa Foa Espacio 22 07 Tienda Memo Arq - 88070

Program options

Pressed panels

51 x 110 x 3/4 in (1300 x 2800 x 19 mm)

Pressed panel of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate, super-refined MDF board and a color-matched balancing backer.

Slim wall panels

51 x 110 x 5/32 in (1300 x 2800 x 4 mm)

4.0 mm thin panel consisting of RAUVISIO crystal polymer glass laminate directly pressed to a color-matched balancing backer.

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