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“Mixing the matte black of RAUVISIO noir with the glossy white of RAUVISIO crystal provided a nice contrast between the kitchen and island cabinets. All the materials are kid-friendly, easy to clean and look simple yet elevated.”

-- Jenny Rothman, designer and co-owner of Rothman + Rothman Design

Wood Cabinet Design | Virginia Avenue Residence | Atlanta, GA

Atlanta kitchen gets a sleek and simple remodel, personalized with Australian-inspired touches

While closed floor plans have been the conventional approach to home design, their structural separation can diminish the connection to the outdoors and others living in a space. 

When a young family moved from Australia to the US, they decided to remodel their small traditional Atlanta bungalow. They wanted to open the space to reflect a better transition between the indoors and outdoors and encourage togetherness as a family. 

They enlisted the expertise of Rothman + Rothman Design, known for crafting intimate, personal architecture throughout the Southeast. “The clients were very particular about the look they were after–sleek and simple, yet reflective of their love for the outdoors and family time,” said Jenny Rothman, designer and co-owner of Rothman + Rothman.

With these goals in mind, Rothman explored cabinet surface options with her go-to cabinet manufacturer, Wood Cabinet Design. She was intrigued by the self-healing properties of REHAU RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface, offering the perfect blend of modern style and functionality fit for a family. “I am just fascinated with the monotonic surface,” Rothman said. “When I first heard that RAUVISIO noir doesn’t show fingerprints, I thought it wasn’t possible. I tried it out for myself and it did not show fingerprints. I was intrigued by the self-healing science behind the surface and surprised to find out it really works.” 

Offered in a myriad of colors, the homeowners landed on RAUVISIO noir After Dark for the perimeter kitchen cabinets. To balance the darkness with lightness, for the island cabinets they selected RAUVISIO crystal Bianco, an acrylic surface that delivers a polished look. “Mixing the matte black of RAUVISIO noir with the glossy white of RAUVISIO crystal provided a nice contrast between the kitchen and island cabinets,” explained Rothman. “All the materials are kid-friendly, easy to clean and look simple yet elevated.”

To execute the cabinet door vision, Rudy and Elvir Seferovich from Wood Cabinet Design coordinated the dimensions and installation. “REHAU provides something different from other manufacturers,” said Rudy. “With all the modern designs we’ve been doing lately, RAUVISIO surfaces give us a competitive edge with getting jobs.”

REHAU RAUVISIO House lines are available in fully-finished cabinet doors or coordinated boards with edgeband, providing versatility for cabinet shops. “REHAU’s ability to provide finished doors or boards helps us a lot,” shared Rudy. “We used boards to build the doors in this project, but we ordered the finished doors in another project and saved so much labor.” 

Throughout the installation process, Wood Cabinet Design remained flexible to solve project challenges. The hood vent and window above the stovetop were installed first, so Rudy had to make adjustments for seamless panels with minimal gaps. He lasered the dimensions to achieve a perfect fit, further modifying the fillers and sides for the fridge to open properly. Per the homeowner’s request, Rudy also built a custom 8-ft-tall pullout drawer next to the oven. Rothman applauded Wood Cabinet Design for their creativity and ability to make their designs come to life, “We can throw whatever at them and they are up for the challenge.” 

On the design front, a challenge with sleek and simple styles is ensuring the space does not lose its warmth. Choosing RAUVISIO House lines allowed Rothman to deliver the family’s desired modern design, while infusing the space with character. “It’s a modern, clean look, but the kitchen feels warm, inviting and comfortable because of the finishes,” Rothman said. 

The influence of the family’s time living in Australia shows up in the design, materials and colorations of the home, adding more personal touches to the space. In addition to RAUVISIO House lines, the kitchen includes Fisher Paykel appliances, Caesarstone countertops through Inman Park Marble & Granite, Top Knobs hardware, a Vigo faucet paired with a Bai sink and walls coated in the shade Pure White from Sherman Williams. 

To facilitate a better indoor/outdoor transition, the 3,200-sq-ft home features a prominent entry with large windows. The open floor plan is oriented around a stair tower and wide central hall, where a two-story mural wall features the work of local Atlanta artists. The central hall leads to an expansive kitchen, living and dining area that opens to a porch and backyard. 

The minimalist remodel drew interest from the community… the home was featured in the 2022 Tour of Kitchens sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. For more than 20 years, this popular event has showcased standout kitchen designs throughout metropolitan Atlanta, allowing designers and those in residential construction to share their work and draw inspiration. “After being featured in the Tour of Kitchens where people from different walks of life and different styles walk through the kitchen, the clients received lots of praise for their design choices,” said Rothman.

While the home is a shining example of sleek and clean design, the space is full of family activity. From dance parties at night to scooter races, the open space cultivates core memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 


Virginia Avenue Residence, Atlanta, GA

Project typeKitchen remodel, completed in 2022
Designer Rothman + Rothman Design
Cabinet shop

Wood Cabinet Design

REHAU products used

RAUVISIO noirTM After Dark and RAUVISIO crystalTM Bianco with  perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdgeTM technology

Photographer Lauren Rubinstein Photography LLC
                                                                                             Download the PDF

RAUVISIO House was also featured in the 2024 Tour of Kitchens sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

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