Aircraft components

Polymer High-Flyers

In many sectors today, material properties are subject to extreme demands.Safety, reliability and efficiency are the essential factors that must be taken into account in the area of cabin equipment even from the stage of planning and material selection.

With development competence in profiles, hoses, moldings and sealing systems, we have supplied high-performance solutions to the aircraft industry since 1980.

Our range of services in the aircraft industry is rounded off with know-how in the processing of high-performance, lightweight, fiber composites with no loss of comfort.Well-known manufacturers have relied on this for many years.

The new, innovative materials RAU-FLIGHT and RAU-FLIGHT PA have a far-reaching impact in the sector.They guarantee improved efficiency and energy balance for our customers and they open up completely new options in terms of feel and appearance.

Curious? Our “Polymer High-Flyers” brochure provides comprehensive information.