“It was a race to keep ahead of the concrete. We were apprehensive at first, but once we got the first few 1,000 ft in, we knew we had what we wanted. I was amazed by how quickly the pipe went down,” said Gilbert Arseneau, the project’s mechanical consultant and a senior design engineer at MCW Maricor. Arseneau estimates that the use of the RAUMAT system cut weeks off the standard installation time.

RAUMAT Radiant Heating Mat System

RAUMAT coils for shipping

Reduce on-site time and costs associated with a typical installation.

RAUMAT comes pre-assembled and ready to roll out into a large space (best use case, over 50,000 sq ft.). Traditionally, PEX systems are uncoiled foot by foot and fastened as they are installed.  For small spaces and complex shaped rooms, that is still the way to go.  For large areas, like a warehouse or football field, RAUMAT is the fastest and most consistent approach.  Each RAUMAT project can be customized to your project specifications for optimal sizing and tail configurations.  

Get the high-performance advantages of a REHAU radiant heating system and the ease of an expedited installation process.

Why is the industry embracing pre-fabrication?

Prefabrication and modular building help modern construction crews speed up work timelines.  For radiant heating, cooling, turf conditioning and snow melting systems, you can meet these tight construction windows with less stress with RAUMAT.  Dodge Data & Analytics notes in their SmartMarket Report about prefabrication and modularization projects, "66% report that project schedules are decreased, with 35% by 4 weeks or more."  


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