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REHAU F1960 Cold Expansion Fitting System

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Don't have time to train your crew on a new installation technique? Ask for REHAU F1960 at your local distributor to capitalize on your team's experience and move projects along quickly.

The REHAU F1960 cold expansion fitting system takes advantage of the shape memory of PEXa for a one-step installation.

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Pairing RAUPEX® UV shield PEXa pipe with your choice of REHAU fittings gives you the flexibility to meet the requirements of more installations, bid more jobs and win more business.

RAUPEX UV shield pipe boasts a best-in-class 1-year UV warranty. The flexibility of PEXa requires fewer fittings, reducing installation time and costs. 

SDB 1 002 - 101577

RAUPEX® O2 barrier PEXa pipe provides an extra layer of protection with its co-extruded  oxygen diffusion barrier, which limits oxygen permeability.

As the main component in hydronic and radiant heating and cooling systems, durable yet flexible PEXa pipe offers enhanced temperature/pressure capabilities and long-term strength. 

How it works

1. Make a clean, square cut of the pipe with a REHAU pipe cutter.

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2. Slide ring onto pipe until ring stops on the end of the pipe.

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3. Expand pipe with ring the necessary number of times, rotating between expansions.

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4. Insert fitting into expanded end of pipe so pipe with ring is touching fitting shoulder.

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5. Hold joint in place until pipe and ring shrink securely around fitting.

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Note: Installation of the REHAU F1960 cold expansion fitting system may be performed with commercially available F1960 cold expansion tools. F1960 cold expansion tools are not sold or endorsed by REHAU. 

Innovative piping systems, engineered to outperform

With secure, reliable PEXa piping systems, REHAU helps you meet tough customer demands easily and efficiently. 

A REHAU PEXa piping system starts with RAUPEX pipe, the trusted choice by contractors around the globe for more than 40 years. Add in your choice of the EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve system or REHAU F1960 cold expansion fittings and you’ll enjoy all the advantages of a crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) plumbing or hydronics system - safety, reliability and cost savings - AND hit the mark on all stringent standards and certifications.

Your project success is our focus, which is why RAUPEX® pipe has a 25-year limited warranty, regardless of the REHAU fitting system you choose. As the pioneers of PEXa, we continue to provide flexible support, from start to finish.

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