Mechanical & Plumbing Solutions

Reliable supply through long-lasting materials

Energy and water – the world demands unlimited capacity with constant, high-quality availability. From hygienic drinking water to indoor climate control, our mechanical and plumbing systems are used worldwide in housing, commercial buildings and infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient supply. With durable materials, REHAU delivers solutions that make everyday living safer, healthier and more comfortable.

Our Crew Stands Behind You

We get it. Our pros are determined to help you find the right fit. Let us stand watch over your livelihood and honor your promises. With relationships built for the long-haul, our word is as good as yours. 

Reference projects

Real-world proof that our systems deliver high performance, ease of installation and longevity.


Product catalog

REHAU Building Solutions product catalog in a downloadable, searchable PDF file. 

Building Solutions catalog

Radiant calculator

Put together a quick, non-graphical materials estimation, based on square footage.  

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