New! Multi-port tees, polymer fittings and CPVC and copper adapters

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EVERLOC+ Compression-sleeve Fitting System

Build on solid plumbing connections with our expanded EVERLOC+ line

REHAU EVERLOC+® has stood behind plumbing contractors since 2017. Now, our proprietary compression-sleeve fitting line is growing to help you stay on schedule, ace tricky installations and avoid rework in even more projects. Whether your forte is residential, mixed use or multifamily construction, choose new EVERLOC+ CPVC and copper press adapters, multi-port tees and polymer fittings to reinforce the reliability of your plumbing systems.

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Next-generation reliability, safety and the industry's fastest installation method

You promise a reliable plumbing system. When your customer is counting on you, you’re counting on the system you install to deliver on that promise with secure connections from start to finish

We back you up on it. Uniquely designed for quick, consistent, secure connections in any weather, EVERLOC+® eliminates many of the variables that can complicate installation. An added bonus: Immediate pressure testing.

A complete system solution from REHAU. The EVERLOC+ system includes our polymer and lead-free brass fittings, PEXa sleeves and battery-powered tools. It is specifically designed for use with REHAU RAUPEX® pipe, known and trusted by installers around the world, backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

4x more secure

  • Compression-sleeve technology
  • Multiple sealing edges
  • Textured sleeve

360˚connection control

  • Immediately secure connection 
  • Easy visual verification
  • Consistent technique

Up to 3x faster

  • Always 2 expansions, 1 compression
  • Immediate pressure testing
  • All-weather system

"It's easy to put the fittings together even in cold weather. It's cold out here today and the fittings are going together great - once you get them together, they're together, they're secure"

- Jake Albertson, Bighorn Plumbing & Heating

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  • Up to 1-year UV resistance with RAUPEX UV shield pipe, best in class for PEX pipe. 
  • EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings have four sealing edges to deliver leak-free reliability.
  • RAUPEX pipe resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup.  Metal piping alternatives may slowly build up scale, potentially reducing flow. 

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  • NSF 14/61 and CSA B137.5 Certified, for safe drinking water peace of mind, utilizing lead-free brass and polymer fittings. 
  • Stop leaks - 360 degree connection control, with a visual inspection, to know the system is assembled correctly.
  • No glues or chemicals are used during installation.
  • RAUPEX pipe flexibility can better absorb water hammer pressure surges than rigid pipe.

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  • No wait time for pressure testing, even in cold conditions, so you can move on to the next job, or head home with confidence.  
  • RAUPEX pipe and EVERLOC+ can be installed up to 65% faster than traditional copper plumbing systems, according to the Home Innovations Research Labs.
  • Flexible pipe requires fewer fittings than rigid piping, reducing installation time and cost.

EVERLOC+ commercial installation time study

Independent researchers at Home Innovation Research Labs put EVERLOC+ to the test in three days of exhaustive time trial applications against copper with solder fittings and copper with press fittings.

The results: RAUPEX UV shield pipe and EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings took the checkered flag with installation times of up to 65 percent faster than copper solder plumbing systems.

EVERLOC+ system components

Compression-sleeve fittings

The patent-pending design of every EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings features the latest in connection technology, including four sealing edges designed for extra security.  EVERLOC+ connections are immediately ready for pressure testing and warranty-backed for years of reliable service.

PEXa sleeve

The unique, patent-pending design of our PEXa  compression sleeves features a textured interior for an extreme grip and an immediate seal. 

Battery-powered tools

The heavy-duty EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve tools feature quick-change expander heads and color-coded compression jaws sized for up to 2-inch pipe. The power tools easily overcome installation challenges with a 360-degree rotating tool housing and multi-position compression jaws.

How it works

No matter the circumstances, only two expansions and one compression are all that's ever needed with EVERLOC+. That goes for all sizes and weather conditions. And unlike other common fitting systems, there is no waiting to pressure test. 

1. Cut the Pipe  EVERLOC+ assembly step 1
2. Slide sleeve over pipe. EVERLOC+ assembly step 2

3. Expand pipe, rotate, expand again. EVERLOC+ assembly step 3

4. Insert fitting into expanded pipe. EVERLOC+ assembly step 4

5. Compress sleeve over pipe and fitting. EVERLOC+ assembly step 5

6. DONE! EVERLOC+ assembly step 6


Product catalog

REHAU Building Solutions product catalog in a downloadable PDF file. 



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