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Residential Projects

Radiant heating

In a radiant system, warm water circulates through a network of PEXa pipe placed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heat gently radiates to warm surfaces, objects and air in the room, creating a comfortable environment.

With radiant, you achieve room-by-room control, low system maintenance and architectural freedom paired with unmatched energy efficiency and superior occupant comfort.

PEXa plumbing

Our trusted PEXa plumbing system has choices that set you up to win big. Pair RAUPEX® UV shield pipe with the exclusive EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve fitting technology, the fastest available installation method, or the standard REHAU F1960.

Your time is valuable and we know it: Stay on schedule, avoid rework and ace tricky installations with our flexible system.

Fire sprinkler

The FIREPEX®  residential fire spinkler system system serves requirements for fire sprinkler systems as defined by NFPA 13D and IRC P2904, employing traditional installation techniques and configurations familiar to sprinklers professionals

The system combines combines the flexibility of RAUPEX pipe and the security of EVERLOC+® fitting technology. In addition, FIREPEX fitings have an integrated mounting bracket to speed installation.


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Real-world proof that our systems deliver high performance, ease of installation and longevity.


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