The REHAU PEXa plumbing system is designed for pros.

Expand, Compress, Done! EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve fittings and RAUPEX® PEXa UV shield pipe come together to create a secure plumbing system that installs in seconds. Precise, secure connections made immediately, EVERY time in ANY weather, are instantly ready for pressure testing.

REHAU Academy On-air | Commercial Plumbing with Ali Sajjadi

This free, pre-recorded online webinar discussion about PEXa systems in commercial plumbing applications. Ali Sajjadi explained some of the challenges his customers have faced in high-rise commercial building that can be solved with the material, installation and design advantages of PEXa. 

Watch here

PEXa pipe flexibility helps you move fast

RAUPEX UV shield PEXa pipe offers proven durability while saving money on both materials and installation. It also means added flexibility and precision during project planning while maintaining excellent long-term flow performance and water quality.

Premium fittings offer peace of mind

Our unique EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings feature the latest in fitting technology, including four sealing edges designed to deliver leak-free reliability.  REHAU also offers F1960 fittings, to give installers flexibility, all under the REHAU 25-year limited warranty. 

Better together

Our battery-powered tools expand the RAUPEX, then compress the sleeve, allowing for immediate pressure test. No matter the size or temperature, 2 expansions and 1 compression is all that's ever needed with EVERLOC+.

System benefits

EVERLOC+ fittings


  • Up to 1-year UV resistance with RAUPEX UV shield pipe , best in class for PEX pipe. 
  • EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fittings have four sealing edges to deliver leak-free reliability.
  • RAUPEX pipe resists corrosion, pitting and scale buildup.  Metal piping alternatives may slowly build up scale, potentially reducing flow. 
EVERLOC+ construction


  • NSF 14/61 and CSA B137.5 Certified, for safe drinking water peace of mind, utilizing lead-free brass and polymer fittings. 
  • Stop leaks - 360 degree connection control, with a visual inspection, to know the system is assembled correctly.
  • No glues or chemicals are used during installation.
  • RAUPEX pipe flexibility can better absorb water hammer, pressure surges than rigid pipe.
EVERLOC+ XL Power Tool


  • No wait time for pressure testing, even in cold conditions, so you can move on to the next job, or head home with confidence.  
  • RAUPEX pipe and EVERLOC+ can be installed up to 65% faster than traditional copper plumbing systems, according to the Home Innovations Research Labs.
  • Flexible pipe requires fewer fittings than rigid piping, reducing installation time and cost.

How do installers use this system?

Commercial plumbing

REHAU’s EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system is available up to 2 in. for commercial plumbing projects.  Watch this video for the results of an independent, timed installation study from the Home Innovation Research Labs: See how EVERLOC+ was installed 65% faster than an identical copper solder system

For builders, developers and engineers, certain plumbing systems best meet these criteria:

  1. Is the manufacturer willing to stand by their product?
  2. Will contractors run with this system if specified?

See why PipeCraft Mechanical Ltd. advised the developer to use EVERLOC+ for a townhouse development


For installers, there are two main goals:

  1. Stay on schedule and avoid rework
  2. Find the best way to navigate crowded mechanical chases

See why Prouse Electric & Mechanical Ltd. decided on EVERLOC+

Railway Estates

  • How fast is the EVERLOC+ XL Power Tool? With the EVERLOC+ XL Power Tool you can complete a 2 in. connection in under 45 seconds, ready for pressure test immediately.  Watch the video
  • Does PEX require more horizontal supports?  Using RAUPEX with our galvanized support channel lets you support horizontal runs every 8 feet.  
  • Is PEX code compliant in a plenum?  Yes, following these installation guidelines for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Do RAUPEX and EVERLOC+ meet our specifications?  See the many certifications and listings our system has obtained.
  • What are the benefits of plumbing with PEX? Read Construction Specifier article for details.

Residential plumbing

For homeowners, a plumbing system has two key jobs:

  1. Provide clean drinking water to all the fixtures. 
  2. Don't leak. Improved freeze-break properties of PEXa and a fitting system with 4 sealing edges help you sleep well.

See why developers chose EVERLOC+ for all the homes in a 4,000 acre planned community located near Birmingham, Alabama.

Liberty Park 

For plumbers, you need a system you can trust:

  1. You can pressure test immediately to verify connections before you leave for the day.
  2. 25-year limited warranty on REHAU plumbing fittings and pipe shows confidence in our track record as the pioneers of PEXa.

See why Bighorn Plumbing and Heating Inc. choose REHAU for a particularly cold install.

Gozzer Ranch 

Are you currently using F1960 tools for installations? 

REHAU has you covered.  We also offer F1960 fittings.  REHAU PEXa can be connected to EVERLOC+ or F1960 fittings, both systems available from REHAU.   

More about REHAU F1960


Residential fire sprinkler systems

EVERLOC+ fittings and  white RAUPEX UV shield pipe (3/4 to 2 in.) can be used in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 13D sprinkler systems. 

More about FIREPEX®

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