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Single-family Homes

High efficiency uPVC windows from REHAU are nothing like the vinyl you might remember

If you’re building a new single-family home, remodeling, or simply replacing your old windows to improve energy efficiency or appeal, you might be amongst those that still think of vinyl windows as, well … okay we’ll say it … cheap! Understandable, because many early wannabes tried to undersell aluminum windows with vinyl clones that were flimsy, leaked air and water, were difficult to open and close, and came in one exciting color – white!

Well homeowner, builder and contractor, it’s a new age with uPVC windows and doors from REHAU. Pioneered in energy-stingy Europe and then introduced to America 40 years ago, REHAU window and door systems are setting world-class standards in EFFICIENCY, DESIGN, COMFORT, OPERATIONAL EASE and PASSIVE HOUSE innovation. It’s what happens when craftsmanship meets German engineering and American ingenuity, so let’s get started.


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Cut energy costs with up to 35% better thermal performance than old vinyl windows

With glazing capacities of up to 2” and built-in insulation chambers, REHAU windows and doors deliver up to 35% better energy performance than typical residential windows. With U-values down to 0.13, they far surpass the average 0.37 U-value of older windows. 

Two numbers to remember:


Some of the data used to measure the energy efficiency of windows and doors gets a little technical, but just remember: On average, 25 percent of a home’s energy goes right out the window. More precisely, that energy is lost through thin or poorly fitted glass in your windows, around the glass seals, through window frames that deteriorate and leak over time, or poorly designed and insulated window units – all of which make energy loss much worse.


REHAU window and door systems are made with our own secret uPVC formula, sophisticated multi-chamber designs and our superior triple-seal technology. So, imagine a variety of air-trapping chambers manufactured right inside the frame, which is then fusion-welded at the corners along with three continuous compression seals into one air-tight unit that’s designed for zero leakage.

Add in a glazing channel up to 2” wide that is capable of holding double, triple and even quad-pane glass, and REHAU windows and doors deliver up to 35 percent better energy performance than old vinyl windows. We’re talking industry-leading u-Values (the rate at which the entire window or door unit conducts heat) as low as 0.13 Btu/hr*ft²*°F compared to 0.37 for a typical older vinyl window.

Climate friendly lifecycle

Not only do REHAU windows and doors contribute to sustainability through superior energy efficiency and longevity, the lifecycle of uPVC is actually more climate friendly than that of wood and alternative materials. Its base resource – chlorine (or salt) –is abundant, its manufacturing process efficient, and it can be re-melted and recycled. uPVC has an 80 percent lower carbon footprint over its lifespan than aluminum, for example.

Good for your bank account and good for the environment

Depending on the size of your house and the number of windows and doors, the money saved each year on heating and cooling with REHAU profiles can be significant (try our energy estimator). Builders also report that you can often avoid other, more expensive upgrades to the building envelope by using low u-Value windows. That’s good for your bank account and good for the environment.

No wonder energy efficient, environmentally friendly REHAU windows and doors are a leading choice among advocates for green building practices that meet LEED and Passive House standards.

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REHAU windows and doors can be perfect for your single-family project
We know it might be hard to believe that any window or door system could stand out on as many different measures as REHAU uPVC systems: energy efficiency, durability, design and style. But they do, and nothing would make us prouder than the opportunity to show you in person. A REHAU manufacturer near you is standing by and ready to go.

Design - express your vision and style with 1,500+ design pptions

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The old proverb states that “eyes are the window to the soul.” If you are planning a dream home or remodeling a beloved existing home, you know the windows and doors you choose will express your inner vision and style. From the outside, windows must radiate a sense of polish and elegance for years that translates directly to property value. From the inside, the same windows and doors must compliment interior design, be easy to clean and operate, and flood a home with natural light … all while cutting energy loss, shielding you and your family from harmful noise thereby increasing everyone's comfort level.

REHAU combines 60 years of European design excellence with 40 years of American ingenuity to create uPVC window and door systems that are widely recognized on both continents as the A-list choice for discerning homeowners and builders. If you are serious about creating a home as distinctive as your “inner soul,” then we suggest you read on to learn more.

Choose from multiple configurations, countless shapes, dazzling colors and textured finishes

Instead of the “you-get-what-you-get” philosophy common when ordering most “off-the-shelf’’ windows and doors, the REHAU experience is more like being handed a painter’s palette. With more than 1,500 design options to draw upon, you have total creative freedom. In other words, you tell us what you want, and we’ll help you get it.

Custom configurations and shapes

We offer the full range of window and door configurations, including traditional North American styles such as hung and casement windows and sliding doors as well as the more modern European styles like tilt-turn windows and lift-slide doors. Pick any architectural shape such as round, triangular, ellipsoidal and many more. These styles can be combined in a variety of ways, including multiple units within one continuous frame for stunning views.

Brilliant color options complement metal or wood finishes

REHAUs design flexibility doesn’t stop at configurations. In addition to our basic profile colors, you can choose from a rainbow of exterior colors and interior finishes using advanced foiling technology. Let your imagination run wild with solid and textured colors, from redwood or almond on one end of the spectrum to black or anodized aluminum on the other. Imagine interior finishes that look like real Irish oak, mahogany or brushed aluminum.

Let there be light, light and more light

When all is said and done, windows and doors help create beautiful spaces. With modern or traditional lines, sleek hardware and many color options, REHAU windows are stunning even without window treatments. Some might even call it a crime to cover them up!

Our frames are more than 20 percent slimmer than typical 25-year old vinyl windows, providing a larger glass area that admits more daylight, which positively affects everyone’s mood and well-being.    

The ultimate test

With REHAU, beauty isn’t fleeting

Homeowner, builder, replacement contractor - we all know that windows and doors don’t last forever. REHAU’s advanced uPVC window and door systems are made to last – retaining their beautiful shape, color and high performance for 30 years or more.* Contact the REHAU Manufacturer nearest you and open a window or door on your inner soul today.

* Scoping Study: Service life estimation of PVC-U windows, Building Research Establishment, Client Report Number 228-618, Watford, U.K., 2006. Browse more reference projects here


Enjoy decades of indoor comfort behind windows and doors that block sound, drafts and moisture 

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REHAU’s ultimate mission for its advanced window and door structures is comfort and security – windows and doors that retain their beauty and luster for 30 years or more, that optimize daylight while keeping the inside environment comfortable and the outside environment … outside!

What does “comfort and security’’ mean? It means tight, highly insular windows and doors that help maintain steady indoor temperatures and lower energy costs for 30 years or longer. It means strong, durable windows impervious to moisture, winds and storms, as well as resisting unwelcome intruders. And it means a home that is quieter when you want quiet. See below for more on how REHAU windows and doors deliver all the above!

Up to 25% less noise, 60% less air infiltration with cutting-edge REHAU doors and window

Noise blocker

Silence is golden, but is sometimes tough to come by along noisy streets or in busy urban areas. Our skillfully engineered, multi-chambered window profiles offer high insulating qualities and are designed to frame double-, triple- and even quad-paned glass. The resulting window or door systems can block up to 45 decibels of outside sound, reducing busy street noise (80 decibels) to the sound of a quiet office (40 decibels). And if your street isn’t quite so busy – say 50 decibels – that means outside noise reduced to a level quieter than the sound of rustling leaves (10 decibels).

Air and water barrier

Drafty windows are bad enough, especially when it’s time to pay utility bills. But water leaks are even worse, further compromising window and door construction, damaging inside walls and insulation, and creating unhealthy mold. REHAU uPVC frames and sashes are fusion welded into one solid, leak-proof unit. The compression-seal technology is integrated into the frames and sashes to achieve u-Values down to 0.13. The result is a nearly impregnable barrier against all weather extremes that we know will hold up for decades because we’ve already done the testing.

Security measure

Windows and doors are a first line of defense in keeping intruders out while at the same time protecting children from falls when open for ventilation. When combined with appropriate hardware, windows and doors from REHAU will enhance security with multiple locking points, fusion-welded corners and reinforced, multi-chambered design.

Comfort, security and value

ALL at a price you can afford … Really!

You or your builder have hundreds of window choices at a wide range of prices. But price rarely tells the value story. So, as you look to build comfort into a home, look to REHAU’s German-engineered, North-American-made windows and doors. They offer value that’s nearly impossible to put a price on – long-term COMFORT. Contact your REHAU manufacturer today.

Operation & Maintenance

Enjoy easy-to-operate and maintain window systems that will last 35 years or more

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Selecting world-class REHAU windows and doors for your home is more than an investment in energy efficiency, superior design, improved comfort and a lower carbon footprint. They’re an investment in windows built with hardware and materials engineered to last for 35 years or more with minimal maintenance.

And that’s not just an investment in the value of your home, it’s guaranteed peace of mind! Hard to calculate what that’s worth, but let’s give it a go:

Durability with space-age technology

Central to the REHAU Advantage is a 50-year commitment to innovative materials and engineering for demanding applications like aerospace, automotive and construction. Our engineers design each frame, hardware element and seal for peak performance and durability. Multi-chambered, fusion-welded frames and sashes provide superior strength, while innovations like worry-free integrated gaskets and compression-seal technology keep heat, cold and damaging moisture outside. We’re talking 35-years or more* of durability that has tested successfully against Arizona desert heat, Canadian winter cold and Florida hurricanes.

Super resilient surfaces stay clean and always look like new

REHAU’s uPVC is blended with a proprietary mix of stabilizers, titanium dioxide and hardeners that resist weathering, thus our vinyl windows never need painting. Thanks to our High-definition Finish (HDF), smudges can be quickly and easily removed from interior and exterior surfaces using conventional detergents and water

Precise engineering and quality hardware equal smooth operation

Whether letting in the fresh air or doing a little spring cleaning, windows and doors should be easy to operate. REHAU windows are engineered to open with up to 1/3 less force than other windows. Add in the latest hardware – tilt-turn mechanisms, high-quality hinges, advanced opening/closing crank mechanisms and multi-point locking systems and you have the complete package.

*REHAU window and door systems installed in several European homes are still in operation after 50 years.

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Ready to add it all up?

In the first column...

We have wood windows that warp and need to be scraped, primed and painted every 10 years or so. We have aluminum windows that crack, leak and corrode also in a decade. We have cheap vinyl with operating and locking hardware that is prone to failure.

In the second column...

We have REHAU’s world-class uPVC windows and doors that operate with ease and look beautiful for longer than most people are likely to own their homes. 

Pencil in the significant frustration-and-hassle costs under column one while adding in peace-of-mind value to column two, and we think the decision is a no-brainer: Let us help you achieve window and door Zen from REHAU by contacting us today

Passive House | Net Zero

Homeowners, builders choose REHAU windows and doors to meet Passive House standards

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Windows and doors are often a home’s biggest energy vampires. REHAU has been changing that reality by designing highly energy-efficient windows and doors – and is recognized throughout the industry as a leading supporter of the Passive House movement that originated in Europe and is now sweeping North America.

Passive House refers to a home that uses 90 percent less energy than a similar-sized standard home, while “Net Zero Energy’’ buildings generate as much energy as they use. If you’re here, you are serious about the impact of home heating, cooling and electrical use on carbon emissions. And you know that while many factors go into green construction, achieving Passive House, Net Zero or LEED® certifications is impossible without the latest in window and door technologies. That’s why many of the more than 30,000 Passive Homes built in Europe, as well as a growing number here in North America, started with REHAU door and window systems.

Advantage REHAU with advanced framing materials, glazing capacity and compression-seal technology

To achieve the trifecta of exceptional energy efficiency, windows and doors from REHAU excel on three critical measures:

uPVC formulation

Our secret uPVC formulation and proprietary extrusion technology create window and door profiles with outstanding thermal performance of up to 35 percent better than other residential vinyl windows.

Compression-seal technology

uPVC frames and sashes and fusion-welded corners are combined with a sophisticated multi-chambered design and compression-seal technology. A minimum of three seals are co-extruded with each window and door profile for a welded fit that is incredibly tight.

Glazing capability

REHAU windows and doors are designed to accommodate dual-, triple- and even quad-pane glazing up to 2”, which further helps keep warm air in on cool days, hot air out on warm days. With u-Values down to 0.13, this far surpasses the 0.37 u-Value of economy windows.

Right off the blue print, you can count on energy savings of more than 30 percent with REHAU window systems; And those comparative efficiency advantages expand as standard vinyl, wood or aluminum start to deteriorate. 

Reducing the carbon footprint demands more than just energy savings

Building a green home – or remodeling to improve efficiency and lower the carbon footprint – is a ground-up process that starts with the foundation and ends at the roof peak. REHAU window and door systems are built with “whole structure” efficiencies in mind. Because uPVC is a polymer, it is fully recyclable and can be reused up to seven times – a notable savings in raw materials and energy for manufacturing. The carbon footprint for the production of vinyl is also much lower when compared to other framing materials like aluminum.

The bottom line: Sealed-in sustainability!  With buildings consuming 40 percent of the world’s energy, REHAU is committed to a future of new homes that eventually will use almost no net energy to keep warm or cool. The green building revolution is here, and REHAU window and doors are ready for battle. Enlist today at any of our REHAU manufacturers throughout North America. 

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