REHAU Hardware.

The perfect addition to your windows and doors.

REHAU Hardware Solutions

Adding new value to your windows and doors

REHAU brand

signifies superior European quality

Designed to perfectly match REHAU vinyl profiles,  REHAU Hardware fulfills the most stringent requirements for design, security, ease of function and durability. Our European program offers a wide range of possibilities, enabling you to meet customers’ needs.

10-year warranty

provides peace of mind

As a pioneer of uPVC window and door systems, REHAU has succeeded in becoming one of the largest extruders of high-end window and door profiles worldwide. Our solutions bring together the best in European design technology with quality profile, hardware & accessories. 

Integrated offering

adds value at a competitive price

With our integrated hardware program, you are able to acquire the necessary components to deliver complete solutions to your customers, backed up with the REHAU quality, while also improving efficiencies and costs.

Paying attention to detail

REHAU Hardware goes beyond offering products that opens and closes windows and doors.  We offer solutions that are characterized for increasing protection and enhancing comfort.  REHAU Hardware includes two handle lines based on customers’ requirements in style, price and perception of value. 

About REHAU Classic 

The REHAU Classic line offers a fixed spindle length making it suitable for installation into 60 mm profile thickness.


The REHAU LINEATM design provides a single window handle that adjusts to a range of profile thicknesses using a spring-activated spindle mechanism. 

Distinguished by a higher anti-burglary safety mechanism, our REHAU LINEA handles makes it difficult to twist the spindle and move the window fitting from outside.

More about our REHAU LINEA design here.

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