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The handle is a prominent feature of a window system and it speaks volumes about the engineering developments that lie behind the PVC profile walls.

Beyond opening and closing the sash, a well-designed handle protects your home from unauthorized entry through a window or door. Our desire to increase the intrinsic safety of window and door systems motivated us to introduce the REHAU LINEATM handle design.

The REHAU LINEA design handle

Equipped with a patented Secustik closing mechanism, when a LINEA handle is turned, it is locked with a click. 

The connecting element between the handle and the spindle acts as a "mechanical diode." This element ensures the normal operation of the window handle from the inside, and at the same time blocks any attempt to activate the mechanism from the outside.

REHAU brand

signifies superior European quality 

VarioFit® technology

provides a spindle that adjusts to the depth of the individual window profile

Secustik® mechanism

prevents unauthorized opening of a window or door from the outside

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