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Don't let the heating and cooling system distract from your beautiful designs. 

During initial planning, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s unique design and choice of materials left architect Santiago Calatrava with a major challenge – how to keep museum guests warm. Visitors would be positioned between two beautiful but innately cold elements: buffed, imported marble flooring and a cathedral-like ceiling made of glass.

Considering Wisconsin’s long winters, as well as the museum’s waterfront location, cold exposure was concerning.  Radiant heating helped keep the beauty of this building unobstructed by bulky HVAC equipment overhead. 

See how radiant keeps museum visitors warm

Are you expecting a tight construction timeline?

Move fast and get out of the way!  Those two things are very helpful in modern construction. 

RAUMAT systems are assembled offsite and then rolled into place, so they install fast.  These mats are a great way to go for a big atrium or even a stadium.  

Embedding your active heating and cooling system in concrete gets it out of the way.  Radiant jobs have the ability to reduce mechanical space clutter.  Any time multiple trades are waiting to get into the same, small mechanical corridor, everyone else is waiting around.  Put the primary heating/cooling source in the floor and move on to the next project.  

Kent Distribution RAUMAT coils

Kent Distribution RAUMAT radiant 2

Kent Distribution RAUMAT

Kent Distribution RAUMAT outside

Hybrid radiant/forced-air systems

Radiant and dedicated outdoor air hybrid systems are a perfect match!  
In new construction, you will need fresh air and humidity control, but you don't want to sacrifice the comfort and energy efficiency that is obtainable with radiant.

Radiant is best for sensible heat loads
Occupants of radiant buildings tout the comfort of having warm feet in the winter and reducing high-air-velocity spots in the summer.  Building owners love that 30% energy savings is possible with radiant, without sacrificing comfort. 

DOAS systems are best for latent loads
Radiant does not address the latent loads in a building, so downsized and optimized forced-air systems make for a perfect match.  A DOAS  and radiant combo allows both systems to play to their strengths. . 

Commercial plumbing

EVERLOC+ and RAUPEX are an excellent choice for builders looking to build confidence in the plumbing systems they put behind the walls, because nothing is worse than a callback when you have already moved to the next development. 

As an added bonus, job-site thieves are less likely to steal PEX than expensive sticks of large diameter copper from your yard. 

Reference projects

Real-world proof that our systems deliver high performance, ease of installation and longevity.


Product catalog

REHAU Building Solutions product catalog in a downloadable, searchable PDF file. 

Building Solutions catalog

Radiant calculator

Put together a quick, non-graphical materials estimation, based on square footage.  

Design calculator

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