RAUGEO pipe coils


A revolutionary way to do geoexchange.

Based on a European design, The REHAU RAUGEOTM system is comprised of flexible and tough PEXa pipe. The RAUGEO double U-bends optimize capacity/foot of drilled well, requiring up to 30% less borehole footage than a single HDPE well.

Getting significantly more BTUs out of a borehole like this opens up so many project doors." - Gregg Drunagel, Green Hill Mechanical

Old Town Alexandria, VA retrofit


RAUGEO collect PEXa pipe

Drawing on decades of expertise as the pioneer of PEXa heating pipe, RAUGEO brings all the benefits of PEXa to geoexchange applications. 

  • Enhanced durability provides a safeguard against the tough job site conditions of a geoexchange install.
  • Superior flexibility means faster installation and can less excavation work, compared to HDPE.
  • PEXa is recognized by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association as an accepted piping system for ground loop heat exchangers and certified to CSA C448

RAUGEO pipe submittal      

RAUGEO u-bend

RAUGEO double U-bend

Two factory-formed 1 in. U-bends can be installed in one vertical borehole, for best capacity.  Projects like Arcadia University have been able to greatly reduce the amount of vertical wells, without sacrificing capacity.  

The flexibility of RAUGEO also make it easy to connect to balancing manifolds.  This allows installers to isolate individual loops for filling and purging, which saves time and requires smaller pumps.  If the loop field is far from the mechanical room, using INSULPEX pre-insulated PEX piping is a great way to run supply and return tails to the building.

U-bend submittal  

In North American thermal performance testing,  RAUGEO Double U-bends with pipe spacers were found to require 15 to 40% less borehole footage to extract the same energy as a single HDPE U-bend. 

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