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Underground and Railway Systems

So Operating Current Can Flow Safely

REHAU systems in polymer materials have held a firm place in the area of railway power supply for many years. We develop complete systems, from idea to start of production, from our own construction kit.

However, on this level, we also implement customer-specific solutions.
Live-rail supports – height adjustable and rigid – for live-rails coated from above, the side and below, live-rail cover profiles, spacers, air conditioning seals and special profiles / moldings / accessories in the broadest range of materials, cross-sections and production processes constitute elements of a comprehensive product portfolio. Even the live-rail itself comes from REHAU.

Live Rail cover systems

The REHAU range includes the broadest range of cover systems. In the development, we are always mindful of ease of installation.

Other attributes of the live-rail cover systems are:

  • High mechanical load capacity through to walk-on stability
  • High break resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • High creep current resistance
  • Suitable for tunnel use
  • UV-stabilized
  • Resistant to many chemicals

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Live Rails

Technology for the third rail from one source, including aluminum-steel composite live-rail.

The permanent joining of steel and aluminum brings a multitude of advantages. As such, there is no longitudinal slip, no minimum steel thickness, and the joint is not subject to wear or dependent on the clamping force.

Individual extrusion profile

  • Low tolerances
  • No grinding, longer product lifetime
  • Easy installation

No weld areas / no stop marks

  • Consistent mechanical material properties
  • Higher short circuit load capacity
  • Greater mechanical load capacity

Ready-made, straight steel inserts

  • No bending of the steel shank during extrusion
  • No corrugated steel surface
  • Lower wear, longer product lifetime
  • Low noise in operation
  • Lower strain on the pantograph
  • Lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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Silicone seals

Sealing is the specialty of silicone profile solutions.
Silicone foam frames are used to seal between the air conditioning air intake and the bodywork.
The material combination: RAU-SIK 8018.

The program range is complemented by sheet material for water jet cut seals, sometimes with adhesive tape as an installation aid.

For seals in rail vehicle construction, unfoamed silicone solid materials are availablein RAU-SIK 8968.
This material combination is certified under CEN TS 45545-2:2009, requirement set R23/24

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Live rail supports

Live-rail supports in fiber-reinforced thermoset display a range of advantages not only in terms of handling and safety:

  • High static and dynamic stability
  • Less fragile than ceramic or resin insulators
  • Impact-resistant material
  • Long air and creep distance as the holder and insulator are combined in one component
  • Significantly better electrical properties than steel holders
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Halogen-free
  • Low-smoke formula design possible
  • Balancing of threshold tolerances or different installation conditions with vertical and horizontal adjustment option

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Engineering progress

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