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294 Ryding Avenue Residence | Toronto, Ontario

Two homes, two drastically different objectives, one reliable window brand

When Canadian architect Bradley Netkin was asked to design a new home for his friends Chris and Susan Meiorin, the project could not have been more different from a previous home he designed for the couple. A few years earlier, Netkin, owner of STAMP Architecture in Toronto, designed the Meiorins’ lake home above Drag Lake, more than 100 miles north of Toronto.

In 2015, the Meiorins purchased a 1940s-era Toronto home and razed it in order to give Netkin another blank canvas to work with. Instead of an expansive lot with cliff-side views, Netkin was working with a 27-foot wide lot in a neighborhood he affectionately describes as “gritty.”

Just as the windows play a key role in establishing the personality of the Drag Lake home, Netkin knew they would be vital to the aura of the 2½-story Toronto house as well. This is not by chance – Chris Meiorin owns Euro Vinyl Windows and Doors Inc., a REHAU partner for more than three decades.

For the Meiorins, natural light is as important in the city as it is when they are in Canada’s lake country. However, privacy is more of a concern in their Toronto home, which is nestled close to neighbors and located across from a public park that draws a steady stream of visitors. To address this, the steel-clad home has aluminum screening that obstructs the view in from the street. In addition, the REHAU System 4500 tilt-turn windows that are used on the front of the house on the first two floors are extra tall and slim (20 feet high by 28 inches wide).

“The house has an internalized feel,” Netkin says. “It’s not that it’s turning its back on the neighborhood, but it is an inward-focusing home. We were able to create a lot more glass in the front wall to bring in more light while composing it carefully in terms of shape and proportion to provide for maximum light and maximum privacy.”

Larger REHAU System 4500 windows found their place in other parts of the home, including the three second-floor bedrooms. A REHAU System 4500 French door was installed at the main entrance and System 2200 sliding doors are used in the walk-out basement and the indoor-outdoor recreation space on the home’s top level.

“The largest openings are at the top because you have more privacy. If the main floor is introverted, the home gets more open as you move up. It’s all about views and lots of light,” Netkin says.

The Meiorins, who moved into their new home in summer 2016, say it’s always interesting to see how Netkin incorporates creative use of windows into his designs. They are open to new ideas, but there is never a question about what windows or doors they will use. “We have known REHAU through our business, Euro Vinyl Windows, for more than 30 years,” says Susan Meiorin. “It’s a reliable brand and one that is high quality. Whenever we can use REHAU products in something we are building, we definitely do it.

Project:294 Ryding Avenue Residence, Toronto, ON
Type of construction:Single-family home, built in 2016
Architect:STAMP architecture
Fabricator:Euro Vinyl Windows
REHAU systems used:

System 4500 hinged doors

System 2200 sliding patio doors

System 4500 tilt-turn windows

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