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"The EVERLOC+ fittings are better quality, better built"

-- Todd Gylling, Paul's Plumbing and Heating

Executive Estates | Farmington, MN | Mechanical & plumbing | REHAU

Quality plumbing system sets the standard in modern, affordable housing project

Executive Estates, a community of single-family homes in the growing town of Farmington, Min., is a new development by Johnson-Reiland Builders & Remodelers that sets the standard for modern and affordable housing. As construction began, REHAU heard from longtime customer, Paul’s Plumbing & Heating, who wished to install the new EVERLOC+™ compression-sleeve fitting system.

The EVERLOC+ power tool and the system’s consistent compression-sleeve technology proved easy and quick for plumbers Jed Corriveau and Todd Gylling. “The EVERLOC+ fittings are better quality, better built than what we’ve used in the past. They are also a lot easier to put together,” said Todd Gylling, co-owner of Paul’s Plumbing & Heating. His employee, Jed Corriveau concurred and added “EVERLOC+ is one of the better systems. Plus working in the cold, I do like that the PEXa pipe is more flexible.”

Project:Executive Estates, Farmington,MN
Type of construction:Residential
Contractor:Paul's Plumbing & Heating
REHAU systems used:PEXa plumbing system, RAUPEX® pipe, EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve fitting system

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