It may be freezing on game day, but your field’s playing surface is ready for action

Turf Conditioning

Good field conditions are the result of a lot of hard work and the expertise of great turf managers, but no one can control the weather. Freezing weather shouldn't affect the playing field for the big game.  A REHAU turf conditioning system extends the growing season, by keeping the root bed at an optimal temperature.

Key Benefits

Prolongs Turf Growth 
You control the root zone temperature so turf keeps growing even after cooler weather sets in.

Optimizes Field Conditions
Maintain a softer playing surface year-round. The players will thank you, and so will their trainers.

Controls Dormancy
When the playing season is over, you decide when the turf goes dormant and for how long.

How it works

When the root zone is happy, everyone wins.  The best way to keep the root zone happy is to maintain a consistent temperature, below the surface.  A closed loop system of RAUPEX® pipe is installed below the turf.  When the automatic controls sense the temperature starting to drop, a water and glycol mixture is heated and circulated through the RAUPEX.  The process is similar to radiant heating or snow melting, but the key criteria here is to keep the root bed at optimal temperature.  

Turf conditioning systems are an excellent way to keep your field in peak condition, REHAU systems are found in more than 200 stadiums worldwide. The sports radio conversation the morning after the game should be about the players, not about field quality. 


RAUMAT coils for shipping

For fastest installation, RAUMATTM  radiant coils can be ordered to size.  When it is time to install the RAUPEX, the coils roll out with pre-installed RAILFIXTM.  The mats minimize installation time, so you can cover the pipe and get the sod growing. 

RAUMAT is also available pre-pressurized, so you know immediately that the system is holding pressure.

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