RAUVISIO House reference projects

Surround yourself with meaning. Craft made-to-measure spaces that transport you to soulful places. From surface to edge, RAUVISIOTM engineered materials set you apart.

Find inspiration in the latest design projects featuring our RAUVISIO House lines. From bold and dramatic, to bright and airy, each space tells a unique, individual story.

Plunge into reflection with RAUVISIO brilliant

Inspired by water, this surface reflects its surroundings with intense color depth.

RAUVISIO brilliant™ high-gloss acrylic surface creates a space where voyaging beyond the surface becomes part of everyday life. More than a glossy finish, this material transports you with layers of color that illuminate their surroundings, making them swirl with watery fullness.

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Mine a gem as rare as you with RAUVISIO crystal 

Inspired by gemstones, these natural and polished finishes achieve a rarified luster.

RAUVISIO crystal™ acrylic surface, found in its polished and natural finishes, brings cemented energy to achieve a rarified luster. The lightweight, yet durable polymer surface creates a deep and multifaceted aesthetic when finished with beveled REHAU LaserEdge™ technology. From its sleek cool facets to its color play, uncover radiant and deeply personal spaces with RAUVISIO crystal.

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Lay a refined foundation with RAUVISIO noir 

Inspired by film noir, this self-healing surface lays a base for timeless elegance.

RAUVISIO noirTM monotonic matte surface is irresistibly lush and leaves nothing to chance by obscuring fingerprints and scratches. Linger with the visual and tactile sensations of seamless matte from every angle.

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Touch the forest guilt free with RAUVISIO terra

Inspired by the forest, this engineered wood delivers all-round durability. 

RAUVISIO terra™ soft, textured HPL surface weaves the softness of the forest floor with the resilience of an ancient tree. Regardless of the season, this deeply textured surface delivers all-round durability with an authentic wood look and feel. Climb that higher branch to nurture your full breath of creativity.

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Entice the senses with RAUVISIO ingrain

Inspired by pattern, this veneer aesthetic is a celebration for the eye.

RAUVISIO ingrain™ wood fiber laminate surface combines natural wood fibers with synchronized etching for a luxurious veneer aesthetic. Its distinctive combination of fibers and dimensional gloss channels light and contrast in such high definition that it demands a second, even third glance. Step into the grain with one of our immersive patterns to deliver an atmosphere of eco-conscience luxury to your next designed space.

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Cast in refinement with RAUVISIO ferro

Inspired by metals, these cool-to-warm tones light a spark of sophistication in any space. 

Light a spark of sophistication in your space with RAUVISIO ferro™ metallic PET surface. From all directions, eyes catch the warm or cool tones of this metal-inspired material. Glide your fingertips along its double-sided contours without leaving a trace.

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