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“I was familiar with the REHAU surface, had experience with it, and I felt it was a good fit here – obviously for the looks, but also for its durability.”

-- Ali Shakeri, Arcica Architectural Design Studio

Luxeme Kitchens | Toronto Beaches Residence | Ontario

Toronto beachesHouse on a Hill” gets sleek, modern design

Sleek and modern describe this 4,000 sq-ft new construction project in Toronto Beaches, Ont., which incorporated the clients’ desire for a spacious, airy, clutter-free home with plenty of light, high-quality materials and a rich, warm color palette.

According to Ali Shakeri, principal at Arcica Architectural Design Studio in Toronto, who handled both the architecture and interior design for the project, the characteristics of the lot itself provided some unique challenges. A significant slope meant some parts of the home were as much as six meters higher than other parts, which had the potential for serious dangers during the construction process.

Additionally, the area was populated largely with older homes, so getting the desired modern design inside that context required that the clients be willing to think outside the box for their attention-getting “house on a hill.”

Fortunately, the clients were open to new ideas and willing to step away from the ordinary in order to forge something truly special, according to Shakeri.

He explains, “We wanted to create some formal architecture that would be architecturally valuable, and that would satisfy both our taste and the homeowners’ tastes.” He admits that, “To get all of these at the same time can sometimes be difficult. But,” he continues, “the clients’ tastes were very much in line with our mentality, which allowed us to create something uniquely beautiful.”

Kam Shamohamadi, director of Luxeme Kitchens Inc. in Vaughan, Ont., which handled the millwork for the project, agrees: “It was a very unique design for us at the time, and it’s still one of my favorite projects. Its sleek and modern design is proving to be on trend, even as time passes.”

Shamohamadi, who was responsible for all of the cabinetry, was impressed with how smoothly the project progressed, culminating in a space that offered light, warmth and interesting visual contrasts, along with plenty of functional benefits.

The clients leaned toward darker colors, according to Shakeri, who noted that they chose to balance lighter floors with darker walls, rather than the other way around – another unique element to the home. To create the desired rich, warm palette while also adding contrast, REHAU RAUVISIO brilliant Cubanite and a grey oak veneer were chosen for the kitchen, vanities, bar and wall unit. The sleek REHAU high-gloss surface contributes to the clean, clutter-free feeling of the space, while a mix of layered lighting and natural light from the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows keeps the design feeling airy and bright.

Shakeri notes that he was pleased to incorporate REHAU surfaces because he had used them before on another project with wonderful results. He explains, “I was familiar with the REHAU surface, had experience with it, and I felt it was a good fit here – obviously for the looks, but also for its durability.” He believes, “It’s a good choice for almost any type of home,” noting that he used RAUVISIO brilliant Bianco in his own home, a 100-year-old house in the Rosedale area, and “everyone who comes to my house loves it!”

The warm hues of RAUVISIO brilliant Cubanite complemented by the grey oak veneer contributed to meeting the clients’ desire for a rich color palette that would also be durable enough to stand up to ordinary wear and tear.

Shamohamadi explains that, “We were provided the specifications from the designer that these two materials would be paired together. And they worked very well together because they contrasted and complemented each other so well.”

Shakeri concludes: “It was a very interesting and special project – very out of the ordinary – and it ended up being very successful for us. The homeowners were extremely happy with the results, and it has brought in inquiries from others due to its unique nature.”

ProjectLuxeme Kitchens
Project type

New construction, completed in July 2017

Architect/interior designerArcica Architectural Design Studio

Cabinet manufacturer

Luxeme Kitchens Inc.

REHAU products usedRAUVISIO brilliantTM Cubanite 
PhotographerAB studio Inc.

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