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“Not only are the REHAU products of extremely high quality; they look great and are highly functional. The doors are easy to clean and scratch resistant, and the integrated handles are highly contemporary, with a slick and minimal aesthetic.”

-- Ron Surgen, Modern Home

Modern Home | Deepwell Estates | Palm Springs, CA

Mid-century modern home kitchen gets high-end, contemporary aesthetic

High design brings together exceptional form and function. For Ron Surgen of Palm Springs, CA-based Modern Home, high design is not just something to strive for: It’s an integral component of every space he creates. So when a returning client came to him seeking a contemporary whole home remodel for an investment property, he knew exactly what had to be done.

“The client was interested in a very specific look,” he explains. “They wanted something contemporary with unique cabinet and countertop finishes and textures. It also needed to work with the mid-century modern architecture of the house.”

The previous kitchen had been dark and closed in, so the first order of the day was to open up the space, adding a window to bring in some natural light and creating a larger kitchen footprint with a functional island.

The cabinets were an essential part of the design, and these needed to work with the rest of the design concept, which Surgen and his team had assisted with. He notes, “These clients have worked with us before, so we were familiar with the look they were trying to achieve and the budget in which we needed to achieve it.”

Surgen knew immediately that REHAU products would be a fit for the modern aesthetic he was creating. He notes, “REHAU products are so beautiful, while also being versatile and functional, so they work well with any other finishes.”

He selected RAUVISIO ferro metallic PET surface in Gilded Arrow and RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface in After Dark, both for their quality and durability, as well as their textural properties. He states, “Not only are these products of extremely high quality; they look great and are highly functional. The doors are easy to clean and scratch resistant, which is always a good selling point.” The REHAU LaserEdge edgeband technology, which uses a pre-applied functional layer instead of traditional glue, provides a high-quality seamless finish, while Surgen notes that the clients also loved the soft-touch feel.

REHAU matte black integrated handles were used on the RAUVISIO noir doors, which were selected because “they allow the beauty of the cabinet to shine though, since no one is focusing on a piece of hardware attached to the door or drawer front.” Surgen adds, “The integrated handles are highly contemporary, slick and minimal.”

To complement the kitchen cabinetry, Surgen chose statement-making Florim slabs in a matte finish for the countertops and backsplash. Dramatic veining adds to the high-design, contemporary feel of the space. The clients had been adamant that they wanted unique finishes and textures and he says, “This gives a different appearance that may not be expected when one sees it for the first time. Most counter surfaces are shiny, so this product really grabs your eye.” It also provides a contrast to the lush RAUVISIO noir After Dark featured on the island, and the striking RAUVISIO ferro Gilded Arrow on the tall cabinets and perimeter cabinetry framing the space. The metallic surface adds both warmth and glamour, yet the touchable finish also enhances the sense of the kitchen as a textural space.

Modern Home supplied all of the tile, wallcoverings, decorative hardware and screens, sourced from vendors it showcases in its two showroom locations. The clients chose Thor appliances, which they purchased on their own.

With its unusual coloration and eye-catching finish, RAUVISIO ferro Gilded Arrow adds a striking note to the bar area, as well, while RAUVISIO noir After Dark with integrated handles also makes an appearance in the elegant master bathroom and the entertainment center. The additional bathrooms also incorporate REHAU ferro, Surgen notes.

Because this is an investment property that was being renovated, enlarged and put back on the market, the timing of the project was important. Unfortunately, delays have been an ongoing challenge in the design world due to lingering effects from COVID-19, and this project was no exception. However, Surgen stresses that, “The important thing is to let the client know up front what the industry is currently up against and not to give false expectations. Every project has moving parts—one supplier waiting on parts and pieces from another supplier —so it can get complicated. It’s always better to under promise and over deliver.”

Because of his ability to communicate clearly and consistently about potential delays from day one, the client ended up happy with the outcome, he notes.

Budget was also a driving factor for this client, but Surgen says budget should not be confused with the overall aesthetic. He explains, “Our look is always high end. Even if the product is cost effective, it will be of quality and have a modern look. We work within the parameters of each client’s needs to ensure they are happy with the final project.”

In this case, the end result was that the clients got the super-high-end, contemporary look they desired in a space filled with unique finishes and interesting textures that make the home truly stand out.

ProjectDeepwell Estates, Palm Springs, CA
Project typeWhole home remodel
Cabinet shop

Modern Home

REHAU products used

RAUVISIO ferroTM Gilded Arrow and RAUVISIO noirTM After Dark with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdgeTM technology and REHAU matte black integrated handles


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