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“The RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour was inspired by a painting that the owners have in the kitchen. The combination of the olive and walnut has an elegant softness that will remain ageless.”

-- Kerry Hoffman, Johker Design

Ferris Custom Cabinetry | Pines on the Severn Kitchen | Annapolis, Maryland

Nature-inspired kitchen gets durable, timeless update

In a world where stark black and white have become all but ubiquitous in home design, color can add much-needed warmth and personality to a kitchen space.

When the owners of a 1950s-style ranch home decided to update their kitchen, they not only wanted a more durable, family-friendly, storage-packed design, they also wanted a look that would convey warmth, elegance and style. To assist with these needs, the homeowners contacted Ted Ferris of Ferris Custom Cabinetry.

Ferris notes, “The clients were enthusiastic about organizing their kitchen in the way they were going to use it. But I think the bigger picture is that they have these beautiful windows that open up to the outdoors, and they wanted it to feel like a peaceful, outdoorsy space, bringing the outdoors in.”

With an eye toward a nature-inspired palette, the clients decided to steer clear of the classic-but-sometimes-overused black and white. Instead, they chose warm hues that would play off the lush views of the backyard as seen through the large windows, “mirroring those views with a calming palette of veneers and colors.”

Ferris brought the homeowners into his shop, where they opted for walnut to add warmth to the kitchen. He then introduced them to REHAU RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour, which provided a striking note of color that contrasted beautifully with walnut that was chosen for the island and tall cabinets.

He explains, “When there is a desire for a colored cabinet, we recommend RAUVISIO noir over a painted option, not only because it’s extremely durable, but also because it has a matte sheen that’s hard to match in paint. In this case, the clients wanted something warm [walnut], and a natural color that accented the greenery as seen through the large windows.

“We then decided on flat-front doors with minimal sheen finishes to create that peaceful and calm space they desired,” he continues.

Since Ferris had used the RAUVISIO noir line in his own kitchen, he’s very familiar with the product, and was very comfortable recommending it. “A slab painted panel is just going to get dinged up over time, but I love REHAU’s super-matte line because of the durability and the fact that you don’t have to worry when cleaning it. It’s really well suited for kitchen applications.”

Since the kitchen was dated and needed a more modern layout as well as aesthetic updates, the homeowners needed to hire an architect, and Ferris introduced them to Kerry Hoffman of Johker Design. During this time, the homeowners were living in Finland while Hoffman was living in Mexico, creating some unique logistical challenges. However, technology saved the day; the design work was done online, with Hoffman bringing in an architectural student assistant who lived in the area to send the full measure-ups and photos. The homeowners then hired Dwell Builders to handle the demo work and construction.

Hoffman says, “The RAUVISIO noir Olive Detour was actually inspired by a painting that the owners have in the kitchen. The combination of the olive and walnut has an elegant softness that will remain ageless.” She also likes RAUVISIO noir for its cleanability and the fact that it doesn’t show fingerprints. “That’s pretty important with young kids in the house,” she states.

Creating a better work flow was also on Hoffman’s agenda. She explains, “In order to get the space needed and to best utilize the existing space, we removed a window on one wall to incorporate the three large, full-height double cabinets with the wonderful integrated coffee center, pantry and storage. We then moved the refrigerator from the window wall to the side wall, which allowed for a terrific sink wall.”

The walnut island features Caesarstone countertops that provide valuable prep space, while TRUFIG outlets were also incorporated into the island. As Ferris explains, “So often, the outlets are an afterthought. But we wanted the island to feel like one cohesive piece of cabinetry.”

To minimize the clutter, everything is paneled, which he believes “goes along with the peaceful theme for this kitchen, looking out on this backyard.”

To address storage and organizational needs, Ferris turned an eye toward locating tools and equipment near where they would be used, just like he does in his cabinet shop. He explains, “It’s easy to want to do really complicated and fancy storage solutions, but sometimes the simplest things are the best. We ask, what’s going to help us store everything? I always think about designing for storage the way I think of my shop: You want the right tools in the right place.” The cabinetry features a variety of storage options, including vertical and horizontal shelving, drawer space and pantry pull-outs.

From its updated layout to natural hues, this warm, modern kitchen melds the indoors with the outdoors, while providing an ageless look that can withstand both the test of time and the demands of an active family.

ProjectPines on the Severn Kitchen, Annapolis, MD
Project typeKitchen remodel, completed in 2022
Designer Johker Design
Cabinet shopFerris Custom Cabinetry
ContractorDwell Builders
REHAU products used

RAUVISIO noirTM Olive Detour with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdgeTM technology

Photographer Anchor Pictures
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