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“As designers and fabricators, we are always looking for cutting-edge materials to bring to our clients. REHAU was a perfect fit.”

-- Robert Leiper, Gator Millworks

Gator Millwork | Apiary Hill Residence

Contemporary Home Spotlights Cutting-edge Materials, Unique Applications

Cutting-edge materials are essential to good design. But great design takes it one step further, not only by showcasing quality materials, but also by finding ways to feature those materials in unique applications that make the space striking and memorable.

That was the case with this Denham Springs, La. home, which features a modern take on the Tudor style, while spotlighting a variety of unusual applications of REHAU surfaces and cabinet doors. These include ceiling clouds, cantilevered shelf panels and mitered corners.

The variety of materials and tones add depth, contrast and visual interest, while the unexpected applications take the home to a new level, design wise. The design uses RAUVISIO brilliant Bianco for the dining ceiling clouds, RAUVISIO carbon Steel for the pantry, master closet and master bedroom, RAUVISIO terra Craft Elm and RAUVISIO brilliant Bianco for the girl’s closets. The super matte surface makes numerous appearances throughout the house including the kitchen, office, mudroom, master bath, pool bath and more.

Robert Leiper, lead designer, interior design and millwork fabrication for Gator Millworks, says he was particularly pleased how the RAUVISIO terra material “warmed up the home and provided a great contrast to both the matte and brilliant finishes.”

The home has an “old world meets new world feel,” according to Leiper, who explains, “For the interiors, this meant we were able to go very contemporary with minimal trim and details. Steel fabrications such as the staircase and windows brought in a touch of industrial.”

Indeed, the home’s design brings together several interesting design elements, from the clean look of the open shelving to the eye-catching geometrics of the lighting fixtures to the dramatic focal-point bathroom wall that provides a striking contrast against the otherwise pure-white space.

“Our main objective,” he says, “was to create an interior environment that was clean and contemporary, yet warm and inviting.” This is achieved through the use of a neutral palette, open floor plans and an influx of natural light that helps to bring the design to life.

ProjectDenham Springs Residence
Project typeNew construction, completed in 2019
Designer/millwork fabricator

Gator Millworks

ArchitectMike Hogstrom, OnSite Design
REHAU products usedRAUVISIO terraTM Craft Elm, RAUVISIO brilliantTM Bianco and Vino, RAUVISIO carbonTM Steel, and REHAU matte surface all with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdgeTM
PhotographerJCW Creative Agency

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Additionally, Leiper notes, “We did not want to have to deal with the inherent issues that come from a site-finished product, or a specialty shop finish that is difficult to reproduce if damaged. REHAU products fulfilled that need.”

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The project included extensive use of panel products and edgebanding, and utilized cut-to-size buy-out door panel parts with REHAU LaserEdge zero-joint edgebanding for a seamless finish.

With multiple materials that needed to be married together with the various REHAU selections – including Brookside Veneers Black & White Ebony and Corian Modern and Glacier White – the project required careful attention to detail in order to ensure that everything meshed perfectly.

Likewise, the process itself was challenging at times. Leiper explains, “Many assemblies required mitering of the panel product.” But he notes, “We were able to get good results with the RAUVISIO brilliant and terra materials.”

Like any project that combines multiple material applications, the designer had to overcome some challenges. One such challenge came in the form of the matte panels. Leiper liked the material, but explains, “With the matte panels, we had to work around the one-sided material, either by applying a skin or ordering from a competitor that offered two-sided material.”

Unfortunately, Leiper says, the new double-sided REHAU RAUVISIO noir super matte material was not available at the time of production. While he was able to find a workaround on this project, Leiper notes, “We would most certainly substitute the noir product [going forward].”

In the end, the combination of interesting contrasts, unique material applications and a clean, contemporary design made the project really come together, creating a warm and inviting environment that was just what the clients were looking for.

“As designers and fabricators, we are always looking for cutting edge materials to bring to our clients. REHAU was a perfect fit,” Leiper concludes.

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