RAUVISIO crystal Deep Collection

Perfection of dimension

As deep and unfathomable as the ocean. Matt surfaces assume an unimagined depth effect with RAUVISIO crystal Deep. Immerse yourself in the combination consisting of smart glass accentuated with a subtle metallic lustre: A new era of exciting plain decors. Displaying a wide range of colours from pale grey to dark anthracite, RAUVISIO crystal Deep produces an air of both sophistication and discreet elegance. It creates bold contrasts in urban environments or forms a subtle backdrop to the overall architecture. The combination of glass and metal produces synergy effects never seen before and allows for limitless design freedom.

Is perfectly suitable for: every style.

REHAU_SocialMedia_GDA_square_12-2022-8 - 1095871

AGI_1288629092_CL - 1104390
F20-D354 - 1082326
F20-D332 - 1080991
AGI_1169317512_CL - 1104389
AGI_581703359_CL - 1104388
F20-D330 - 1080993

Inspiration kitchen


Galassia 2584L
Galassia 2584L
Galassia 2584L
Galassia 2584L
Galassia 2584L
Galassia 2584L

Inspiration shopfitting


F20-D335 - 1081301
F20-D339 - 1081297
F20-D342 - 1081294
F20-D347 - 1081290
F20-D349 - 1081288
F20-D350 - 1081287

Deep Collection

Oro Bianco

Oro Bianco
matt 2587L


matt 2586L

2109L_Titanio - 1081581

matt 2109L


matt 2578L

2588L_Opale - 1081353

matt 2588L

2585L_Basalto - 1081485

matt 2585L


matt 2584L

The range – pressed components

F20-D284 - 1105960

Large pressed board (2,800 x 1,300 x 19 mm)

Large pressed board consisting of glass laminate, MDF board and colour matched balancing sheet.

F20-D285 - 1105959

Thin glass panel (2,800 x 1,300 x 4 mm)

4.0 mm thick composite product, made by pressing glass laminate directly onto a colour matched balancing sheet

Icon_Magnet_32x32Px - 1086202

optionally magnetic in the slim variant


Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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