The Anti-fingerprint Laminate

RAUVISIO ace laminates

Dreamy Soft Touch

Feel the RAUVISIO ace’s plush, FeatherTouch surface, created using nano technology to produce a super matte finish.
The premium laminate from REHAU is free from fingerprints of scratches.
REHAU ace is the ideal fusion of appealing design and long-lasting qualities, thanks to its antimicrobial surface protection, thermal healing capability, and high durability.

Imagine...softness beyond compare. A super matte laminate that whispers elegance. This is RAUVISIO Ace, the pinnacle of premium laminates. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, it transforms surfaces into sensory masterpieces, defying expectations. More than just beautiful, REHAU matt finish laminates uplift your space in every way imaginable. Effortless style, unmatched softness, and lasting beauty unlock endless design possibilities, effortlessly enhancing any space, from modern minimalism to warm rustic charm.




High-quality laminate surface


Varies based on specific product

Scratch resistance

Excellent resistance to scratches

Hygienic surface

 Easy to clean and maintain

Straight surface

Provides a smooth and even surface

Top Features

Super matte finish laminate, anti-fingerprint laminate, anti-scratch laminate, easy-clean, hygienic, versatile colours and textures

Application type

Suitable for vertical and horizontal use

Application areas

Ideal for residential, light commercial, and office spaces

Key features at-a-glance

So easy to clean:

  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Soft-to-touch & super matt finish
  • Hygienic & Safe
  • Solvent resistance

And there is more:

  • Thermal healing properties
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Attractive
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly


●    Fingerprint-proof: Experience the enduring allure of our fingerprint-resistant laminates. Maintain a pristine, fingerprint-free laminate surface, reflecting the sophistication of your space.
●    Soft-touch, super matte finish: Indulge in luxurious smoothness, unmatched by any other laminate.
●    Antibacterial & hygienic: Breathe easily, knowing harmful bacteria and fungi are inhibited.
●    Solvent resistant: Clean spills with ease, ensuring worry-free maintenance.
●    Thermal healing: Easily fixes minor imperfections to keep surfaces flawless.
●    Abrasion resistant: Withstands daily wear and tear, built for lasting beauty.
●    Moisture resistant: Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-humidity areas.
●    Eco-friendly: Made with sustainability in mind for a worry-free choice.

Image gallery

AL-D1882_CL - 99424
M00-D1315 - 101654
IML_01745 - 100493
M00-D1262_01_CL - 92226

Design Collection

Garden Walnut (3001A)

Garden Walnut (3001A)

Hickory (3005A)

Hickory (3005A)

Cacao (3004A)

Cacao (3004A)

Congo Walnut (3002A)

Congo Walnut (3002A)

Rustic Prune (3003A)

Rustic Prune (3003A)

Forest Green (1001A)

Forest Green (1001A)

Dark Grey (1002A)

Dark Grey (1002A)

Bianco (1004A)

Bianco (1004A)

Hilltop (1009A)

Hilltop (1009A)

Honey Gold (1008A)

Honey Gold (1008A)

Billowy Clouds 1006A
Luscious (1010A)

Luscious (1010A)

Mesmerize (1007A)

Mesmerize (1007A)

Moro (1005A)

Moro (1005A)

Desert Shadow 1012A - 1108404

Desert Shadow (1012A)

Boston Brick 1013A - 1108407

Boston Brick (1013A)

Bison Brown 1014A - 1108408

Bison Brown (1014A)

Brown Teepee 1011A - 1111362

Brown Teepee (1011A)



Designs Available: 

Discover a palette of possibilities with RAUVISIO Ace. More than just a laminate, it's a gateway to transforming your spaces with designs that mirror your unique style.

●    Garden Walnut 
●    Hickory 
●    Cacao
●    Congo Walnut 
●    Rustic Prune
●    Forest Green 
●    Dark Grey 
●    Bianco
●    Hilltop
●    Honey Gold
●    Luscious
●    Mesmerize
●    Moro 
●    Desert Shadow
●    Boston Brick 
●    Bison Brown 
●    Brown Teepee 


RAUVISIO Ace is all about making your life easier. Its smooth surface doesn’t let dirt stick, making cleaning simple. Plus, with lots of colours and textures, you can make your space look how you want. Here’s where you can use it:
●    Furniture & Wardrobes: Make your personal spaces stylish and useful with our selection of matte finish laminate for wardrobe options.
●    Kitchens & Countertops: Build a clean and good-looking place to cook.
●    Walls & Other Surfaces: Add a touch of class to any room.

With the RAUVISIO Ace, enjoy a simple yet elegant lifestyle. It’s practical and adds a personal touch. Choose RAUVISIO Ace for a smart, high-quality choice that lets you design your space your way.


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