REHAU: FENIX NTM: Inview Interior Design Townes Road Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Inview Interior Design Townes Road Kitchen
REHAU: FENIX NTM: Inview Interior Design Townes Road Kitchen

Inview Interior Design | Townes Road Kitchen | Minneapolis

FENIX NTM Provides Modernity in Midwest Kitchen

When an interior designer and a detailed cabinetmaker collaborate, the final product is sure to have an extra layer of sophistication and style, which is the case with this Minneapolis kitchen remodel.

Rena Feldman, designer with Inview Interior Design, knew that she wanted a modern, unconventional renovation to enhance her 1953 kitchen. “Everyone in the Midwest has a white kitchen, but I have always wanted a black kitchen,” recalls Feldman. She had a matte finish in the back of her mind, and Jesse Dorfner, owner of Partners Woodcraft, had the perfect material up his sleeve.

When REHAU Sales Representative Mike McCormick visited Dorfner’s shop a couple of years ago, he introduced the FENIX NTM super-matte surface. Dorfner knew that this material was unique, and was eager to see how it would perform.

The stunning aesthetics of FENIX NTM Nero Ingo in the completed kitchen confirmed that Feldman and Dorfner made the right choice. “The black color of the FENIX NTM surface is all-around amazing and it complements the other colors used in the kitchen. The material really absorbs the light and it’s so easy on the eyes,” said Dorfner. 

The FENIX NTM Nero Ingo fit into Feldman’s mixed-material design vision with ease. In order to achieve the stunning contemporary design that she desired, she incorporated White Oak wood surfaces to provide texture and balance the soft matte. The contrast between the wood and the matte was “dramatic and exciting,” according to Feldman.

Functionality was another factor that was taken into careful consideration in this remodel. “With a matte finish, it’s hard to get durability,” Feldman said, “but the surface of the FENIX NTM has self-healing properties,” he said. The technically advanced nanotech material resists scratches, chemicals, heat, warping and fingerprints, and has a thermal healing ability to self-repair surface damage. The surface is also very responsive to simple care and cleaning. “It’s easy to take care of and always looks great,” remarked Feldman.

Feldman’s new kitchen has received rave reviews, with FENIX NTM topping the charts. She summed up well when she said, “This product delivers everything from functionality to style. The matte fits the overall modern aesthetic. I haven’t seen any other product on the market that looks this good.”

ProjectInview Interior Design Townes Road Kitchen
Type of ProjectKitchen remodel, completed 2018
DesignerInview Interior Design
Cabinet MakerPartners Woodcraft, Inc. 
DistributorHoldahl Company
REHAU Systems UsedFENIX NTM® with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology
PhotographyAlyssa Lee Photography