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Veriset | Kitchen | Switzerland

Veriset | Kitchen | Switzerland

Veriset Puts Adhesive-free, Non-PVC Edging Technology Into Kitchens

Veriset Küchen AG has become one of the first kitchen furniture manufacturers to adopt laser-welded edgebanding into its manufacturing process, using the REHAU LaserEdge technology in combination with innovative laserTec machinery from Homag. According to Veriset, “Innovations are an important part of our strategy, and it is key for us to stay on top of the latest trends in both design and production. We quickly identified REHAU LaserEdge as an advancement that met all of these goals, and thus sought to incorporate it as soon as we could.”

Veriset has noted a number of immediate benefits including a substantial cost savings. “Naturally, without need for adhesives we are seeing material cost savings. In addition, our labor costs have been streamlined as we no longer need to negotiate steps to integrate the edgeband material, primer and adhesive.”

"As the optimum adhesive temperature no longer has to be set manually, we can achieve an automatic process stability that ensures an even higher quality of edgeband processing,” added Veriset production and logistics manager Josef Baumgartner. The company has also realized significantly reduced maintenance.

“With the elimination of adhesives, our post-processing area is cleaner, which improves the efficiency of our final manufacturing step. Also, we are able to fully optimize operation of the edgebander machine, which now requires much less maintenance, preparation and cleaning.”

In addition, Veriset attributes a new level of product quality to the durable, jointless nature of the laser-welded edge. “We are no longer concerned with the discoloration or staining that can happen at the seam of a typical adhesive-affixed edgeband. This tighter seam also improves heat and moisture resistance. In addition, the space between the edgeband and board is virtually without transition, and makes it appear as if the cabinetry and furniture are constructed of one piece of material."

According to Veriset, the vast selection of color and pattern choices available within the REHAU LaserEdge line allow for numerous possibilities in innovative furniture design. Veriset also states its belief that laser-welded edgebanding is a technology that will change the future of the furniture manufacturing industry. “We are convinced that laser edgeband will replace conventional glued edgeband,” said Ueli Jost, CEO and owner of Veriset Küchen AG. “This technology has created new opportunities for even higher-quality kitchen designs, which allows us to further differentiate ourselves as a market leader."

"If you compare the innovations in edgebanding in recent years with innovations in other materials, REHAU LaserEdge can be described as nothing short of a quantum leap in improving the edgebanding process,” said Frank Kickler, production process engineer at Veriset.


Adhesive-free, non-PVC laser edging

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Removing adhesives from the production process to save costs, minimize maintenance and improve product quality


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REHAU LaserEdge

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