Turf Conditioning Systems

It's not the dormant season until you say it is.

Good field conditions are the result of a lot of hard work and the expertise of great turf managers, but no one can control the weather. Freezing weather threatens the turf, the players – it can even effect the outcome of the game.

A REHAU Turf Conditioning system gives you more control of your turf’s response to the weather and the condition of your field come game day.

How it Works

When the root zone is happy, everyone wins.

PEXa pipes installed beneath the field promotes soft, healthy turf and a safer playing surface.

REHAU Turf Conditioning Systems

  • A network of durable crosslinked polyethelyne (PEX) pipe is buried beneath the field turf.
  • A sophisticated set of controls allows you to customize the settings for your field’s specific needs.
  • When prompted, the system gently warms the root zone by circulating a heated water-based solution through the buried pipe.
  • You maintain optimal field temperature year-round.


Prolongs Turf Growth 
You control the root zone temperature so turf keeps growing even after cooler weather sets in.

Controls Dormancy 
When the playing season is over, you decide when the turf goes dormant and for how long.

Optimizes Field Density 
Lessen the risk of injury by maintaining a softer playing surface year-round. The players will thank you, and so will their trainers.

Accessible 24/7 
From any web-enabled device, you control the flow of heated water-based solution through durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipes.


Found in more than 200 stadiums worldwide.  

REHAU Turf Conditioning Installation

  • A network of REHAU crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe is installed at the root zone level of the playing field, where it is then buried beneath the turf canopy. 


REHAU Turf Conditioning in Denver Broncos Stadium

Sports Authority Field, Englewood, CO

In January 2015, head turf manager Chris Hathaway faced a tight, February-to-April time frame to replace the turf heating system under the Broncos playing field. The project involved ripping up the field, removing the original heating system replacing it with a new and improved heating system before laying down a new playing field. The REHAU system installed under the field features nearly 20 miles of 3/4-in RAUPEX (PEXa) non-barrier pipe.

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REHAU Turf Heating | Denver Broncos Practice Field

Denver Broncos Practice Fields, Englewood, CO

The Broncos training facility has two outdoor natural grass fields, one of which used an outdated electric soil heating system that was expensive to operate. That system was replaced with a REHAU Turf Conditioning System, a hydronic system that circulates warm fluid through pipes to maintain a 60° root zone temperature. 

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Cleveland Browns Turf Conditioning System by REHAU

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, OH

Rising 12 stories above Lake Erie, Cleveland Browns Stadium experiences chilly lake-effect temperatures. REHAU’s innovative turf conditioning system prevents the field from freezing and enables healthy green turf to grown long after the normal growing season, allowing the facility to host year around outdoor footall. The system consists of nearly 40 miles of RAUPEX 02 Barrier crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe that distributes heated fluid from a series of boilers through an underground piping network.

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Heating Up the Gridiron at Cleveland Browns Stadium