Tap into a vast reservoir of thermal energy.

Energy originating from the sun is absorbed by the ground. A geothermal system collects this energy from the ground and delivers it to a home or building for winter heating. With a flick of a switch, the process is reversed for cooling.

Proven Technology
REHAU offers an innovative geothermal ground loop solution drawing decades of expertise as the pioneer of PEXa heating pipe. Our RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange system, with its unique design and materials, is a revolutionary way to do geothermal.

Geothermal Technology FAQ


RAUGEO™ Geothermal Ground Loop Wins Alternative Energy Product Innovation Award

The PEXa double U-bend ground loop heat exchanger was recognized in the CIPHEX West 2014 Innovative Product Competition.

RAUGEO Now Certified for Use in Canadian Earth Energy System Applications

PEXa pipes and F2080 cold-expansion compression-sleeve fittings may now be used in geothermal applications ...

1 1/4 in. U-bend Completes REHAU Geothermal Offering

REHAU brings the benefit of PEXa technology to larger, more demanding geothermal projects.