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Residential Refrigeration


Superior Sealing Technology

Materials used in residential refrigerator and freezer gaskets must have special qualities to withstand the demands of these applications. REHAU provides these qualities with our own brand of specially formulated PVC grades with low migration plasticizers.

Gasket features include:

  • Lead-free and cadmium-free colors and stabilizing systems
  • Colors matched to any solid-color sample
  • Special biocide materials to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth
  • Special formulas for excellent low-temperature flexibility
  • High oil and grease resistant options
  • Minimal welding beads give added flexibility to welded corners
  • All gaskets can be supplied with REHAU’s specially designed magnetic strips
  • Non-PVC gasket materials available

REHAU residential refrigeration gaskets can be found in a variety of applications:

  • Magnetic gasket frames
  • Compression gasket frames

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Form, Function and Beauty

REHAU profiles conceal and add style. They can be produced in a variety of shapes and colors to cover gaps, conceal rivets and screws or trim doors and shelves.

Profile features include:

  • Profiles can be produced in almost any shape or color
  • Trims for freezer lids can be designed to accommodate seals, metal sheets or thermo-formed panels
  • Co-extruded profiles include flexible sections for excellent sealing capabilities
  • Fabricated and delivered ready for assembly

REHAU profiles can be found in a variety of applications:

  • Bottle holder trims
  • Basket profiles
  • Shelf trims
  • Breaker strips
  • Co-extruded drawer and evaporator gaskets

A Lasting Seal

Our magnet strips are used in a variety of applications and exceed expectations in terms of strength, flexibility and durability.

REHAU magnet strip features include:

  • Reliable closing force
  • A safe and easy alternative to locks and clasps
  • Available in different poling patterns

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