Space Age Foil Surfacing that Is Weather, Heat and Moisture Resistant

RENOLIT EXOFOL is the next-generation of high-performance foil for windows and doors. Applied to our window and door profiles after extrusion, these scratch-resistant and richly textured foil laminates come in a rainbow of solid and textured colors and natural woodgrain designs. But wait, there’s more good news.

After extensive testing against other color options like paint or lesser PVC foils, RENOLIT EXOFOL shows 150 percent improved weather resistance for longer color retention. The advanced pigment technology reflects away harmful UV rays and slows heat buildup, extending the life of our windows and doors. These laminates also resist moisture absorption better than PVC films by 45 percent.

Hence, RENOLIT EXOFOL acts like a coat of armor for our REHAU windows and doors, protecting against chalking, cracking and fading when compared to paint. So, no more scraping, priming or touchup: These windows will look like new again with just a little water, dish soap and a clean cloth. And we put our money where our mouth is with a 10-year warranty for BOTH exterior and interior applications of RENOLIT EXOFOL.