Advanced Extrusion Technology Drives Precise Standards for All REHAU uPVC Windows and Doors

Remember the Play Doh Fun Factory? Load the toy press with Play-Doh, push down on the handle and then watch in amazement as Play Doh squeezes through a mold to create clay strings in wondrous shapes, from stars to moons to diamonds. The extrusion process used to create a vinyl window or door works on the exact same principles as the Play Doh Fun Factory.

uPVC resin is combined with other raw materials (the “dough” in this case) and loaded into a large funnel where it is heated to melting. The molten raw material is extruded through a set of metal blocks called dies. The vinyl “string” (or profile) that emerges is then cut to specific lengths called lineals, which when welded together, form a window or door system.

So why should you care about any of this? Because those uPVC profiles are the infrastructure upon which everything else depends when building a superior window or door: structural integrity, advanced thermal and acoustical performance, resilient surfaces, lustrous color and ease of operation.

While the process of extrusion is used by everyone in the industry to produce vinyl window and door profiles, no one does it like REHAU.


Secret uPVC Formula

The uPVC formulation that fuels extrusion at REHAU is a closely held company secret. Furthermore, all our raw materials are mixed in-house rather than purchased ready-made from outside vendors. In other words, we know exactly what we’re getting. And so do you!

Proprietary Tooling and Dies

We design and build proprietary tool and die sets right here at REHAU, giving us a significant advantage over most of our competitors who outsource their tooling. Each die (the keystone to extrusion) is also made with high-grade steel rather than the lower-quality aluminum plates used by many others. The results are window and door profiles with superior structural, surface and mechanical qualities.

Advanced Quality Assurance

Even when using high-grade materials during extrusion, it is essential to continually monitor and improve every process for quality assurance. That’s why we use the latest computer technologies, research and machinery to test and make sure every one of our window and door systems achieves the tightest tolerances.