Customizable Vinyl Window Solutions Are Finally Here in Multiple Colors and Woodgrain Finishes

Quick now, what color do you see when you think of vinyl windows and doors? If we’re talking most of the vinyl crowd, probably white. But if we’re talking REHAU, envision a rainbow of solid and textured colors, from redwood, forest green or royal blue on one end of the spectrum to wrought iron or brushed bronze on the other. Imagine interior finishes that look like real Irish oak, mahogany or soft cherry.

Now picture these options in countless shapes, including round, half-round, triangular, rake top and elliptical. All of these variations are available in every conceivable window configuration, from single and double-hung, to casement, slider and our revolutionary tilt-turn windows. In fact – style-conscious architect, developer, contractor or homeowner – there are 1,500+ design options available when you choose REHAU windows and doors!

Now You Can Have It All, Style AND Performance

By combining technology with innovation, REHAU has dashed the tired cliché of white, uninspired vinyl windows. Now you and your customers can have it all – the industry-leading energy efficiency and durability of REHAU uPVC vinyl windows and doors with a full range of design options. What more could you ask for? Find out by connecting with a REHAU manufacturer today.