Falls View Casino Resort

Fallsview Casino Resort

REHAU Snow and Ice Melting System Helps Minimize Costs, Increase Safety

The Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario, Canada installed REHAU’s hydronic snow and ice melting system featuring RAUPEX O2 Barrier crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe in order to efficiently clear accumulated snow and ice from pathways.

“Snow and ice melting systems are becoming more common in Canada because of winter conditions where wide and sloped areas need to be clear all year round,” says Sal Fiorillo of Sayers and Associates, the mechanical contractor for the casino project. “REHAU was selected for this project because of the reliability and credibility of its product.”

The casino is located near the Horseshoe Falls, which gives off a mist throughout the year that can result in dangerous ice during cold weather, so the project was important in increasing safety around the casino.

Klimatrol Environmental Systems Ltd., a REHAU technical associate, provided the parts and piping for the system, which is comprised of RAUPEX pipe, EVERLOC fittings and PRO-BALANCE manifolds.

Three-quarter-inch RAUPEX pipe was specified for the project. The pipe provides extended system life and optimal performance under rugged conditions. It maintains its structural integrity even after repeated bending during installation, and resists conventional solvents and chemicals as well as hydrous salt and acid solutions.

The system melts snow and ice when heated fluid is circulated throughout the RAUPEX pipe, which is installed underneath orwithin an outdoor ground surface. A well-designed SIM system is often less expensive to operate than hiring motorized snow removal equipment, and can reduce indoor maintenance costs by eliminating the wear and tear from salt and water being tracked inside. Additionally, by providing safe passage on highly traffic walkway areas, the system can decrease the potential for liability claims against property owners.

After being put to the test, the system proved effective in keeping the sidewalks and parking lots clear of snow and ice, as reported by both the Toronto Sun Times and PHC News.

ProjectFallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, ON
ConstructionMulti-use, new construction, opened 2004
Scope of Project125,000 sq ft (11,612 sq m) system in parking lots and walkways
OwnerNiagara Casino Resort
DesignerKlimatrol Environmental Systems, Ltd.
Mechanical ContractorSayers and Associates
REHAU Systems UsedSnow and ice melting (RAUPEX® pipe, EVERLOC® fittings, PRO-BALANCE® manifolds) enery transfer piping (INSULPEX® pipe)
LocationOntario, Canada, Canada
Type of ProjectMulti-use, new construction
Snow & Ice Melting
INSULPEX Pre-insulated PEX Piping