System 190

System 190

A window that combines the simplicity of a side-load design with high performance, suitable for both new construction and replacement projects.

Our System 190 Hung-Slider system offers different frame options for accessory grooves, integral nailing and/or stucco fin. 

With the System 190 design, single hung, single slider and fixed configurations are possible. The system is available in white, beige or clay.


  • Multi-chambered frame design with staggered weep system channels for efficient water drainage.
  • Pocket sill configuration for structural integrity.
  • T-mullion profile for multiple-lite configurations within a single perimeter frame.
  • High-definition finish for weather and stain resistance and ease of maintenance.


Test Results


NAFS (PG)up to LC-PG40
ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC)up to 34 dB


(*based on simulation)

down to 0.25*


System 190 Hung-Slider Sell Sheet
System 190 Hung-Slider Windows Brochure