RAUVISIO crystal Decorative Mirror

Reflect elegance in your design with RAUVISIO crystal Decorative Mirror, and provide the ultimate reflectivity without breakage risk.

RAUVISIO crystal mirror is lightweight, easily processed and shatter-resistant. Made from a polymer acrylic material, it can be cut and processed with normal woodworking machines. Traditional glass mirrors can easily be damaged on job sites, or after installation in areas where breakage is more common.

In the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or as a luxury interior element, mirrors can be found everywhere. Our polymer RAUVISIO crystal mirror is suitable for all decorative mirror applications and sets the scene for limitless creativity.

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Winner in the Kitchen and Bath category of Architectural Record's best-products competition. 

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Features and benefits

  • Completely unique visual depth and reflective quality
  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean with microfiber towels
  • Cut and processed with woodworking tools
  • 10x more break resistant than real glass
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • 20% less waste compared to traditional glass mirrors


  • Ideal for sensitive areas where sharp objects should not be used
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Wall application
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurant
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Early childhood education


RAUVISIO crystal mirror Oberfläche
REHAU Casa Foa Espacio 27 03 Monoambiente con Laundry Ana Lujan - 88073
REHAU Casa Foa Espacio 46 14 Unidad de Vivienda g2estudio - 88102
REHAU Casa Foa Espacio 7 03 Baño Publico Ramiro Lagomarsino - 87980
RAUVISIO crystal Decorative Mirror
RAUVISIO crystal Decorative Mirror
RAUVISIO crystal Decorative Mirror

Program options

Pressed panels

48 x 96 x 3/4 in (1200 x 2440 x 19 mm)

Pressed panel of RAUVISIO crystal polymer decorative mirror laminate, super-refined MDF board and a RAUVISIO crystal Fumo balancing backer.

Slim wall panels

48 x 96 x 5/32 in (1200 x 2440 x 4 mm)

4.0 mm thin panel consisting of RAUVISIO crystal polymer decorative mirror laminate directly pressed to a RAUVISIO crystal Fumo balancing backer.

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