We perceive digitalization as one of the strongest influencers on our everyday lives. Our goal is to deliver solutions that make everyday living easier, faster and more transparent. We empower our customers through a mobile app, to have their heating, cooling or windows under control. At REHAU we are establishing new technology platforms, creating a department to spearhead digitization initiatives, accelerating networking with our customers via eBusiness and setting up shop systems and configurators. Digitalization is becoming our everyday companion.



REHAU Smart Guard

Smart windows

Inconspicuously integrated into the window frame, the alarm window protects what is important to us – all that is inside our own four walls. It deters potential burglars: Optically with a warning light, acoustically with a siren and mechanically by closing the blinds. The activation occurs via a smart phone.

Smart shopping

Price tags are so yesterday – digital shelves are the future. With SmartShelf, REHAU brings digitalization to the retail business. At the push of a button, retailers update prices and provide visual instructions. The intelligent shelf of tomorrow actively communicates with the customer.

Smart comfort

Arrive at home and feel good immediately. Using clever geo-fencing, the room controller from REHAU residents’ preferences and when they are on their way home. The system is simple and convenient – using an app, voice input or directly on the controller display. Heating contractors with remote maintenance service agreements can also regulate the system.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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