In a world full of possibilities, people insist more and more on individualization as the central cultural principle. We want our customers to choose freely, being able to design their living environment according to personal ideas, value systems, consumption patterns and everyday culture. Therefore, we develop highly customized products and a wide range of variants in increasingly specific market niches. At REHAU, we intensively investigating the customers living environment desires and needs. Our designer teams work closely with social science researchers to develop solutions, which fit all types of living space. We focus on customized furnishings and color concepts that are becoming people’s expressions of the new quality of life. 


Intelligent interior surfaces

Intelligent interior surfaces

We are not looking for an off-the-shelf solution, but for an individual touch and design in the living room and kitchen, for example. With its polymer surfaces, REHAU offers custom-made interior surfaces starting with a quantity of one: Digital edgeband designs start with one meter and polymer glass that can be individually milled or backlit. Whether matte, soft-touch, high-gloss, metallic or textured – REHAU offers the right surface component for every room in an unbelievable decor range. In addition, smart functions activated via touch, swipe or acoustic signals can be integrated into or behind these surfaces.

Windows on a charm offensive

KALEIDO VISION seamlessly integrates windows into room designs. Employing an elegant glass laminate surface, window frames can be adapted to the decor of the space. For the personal taste, the very individual touch.

Styling for the automotive world

The requirements of the automotive industry are constantly advancing into new dimensions. With extensive expertise in manufacturing processes, REHAU adapts to these requirements and supplies a wide range of products and variants. Configurators turn a production vehicle into a personalized model. A limousine, for example, becomes a sports version that not only has a lot of horsepower under its hood, but also makes a unique statement with add-on features. REHAU bumpers and spoilers are configurable components – in many colors, with many attributes and functions. We produce more than half-a-million bumper variants, in more than 500 colors, for the international automotive industry.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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